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What Does Mobile Friendly Mean?

mobile friendly website

What Does Mobile Friendly Mean?

Simply put, a mobile friendly website is a website that displays well mobile device.

When smart phones really started becoming popular about 10 years ago, web developers had to figure out a way to address showing the same website on a large desktop screen, and also on various mobile devices (phones, tablets, ipads).  A mobile friendly website is a website that displays legibly and aesthetically pleasing regardless of the device size.

A “regular” website will still display on a mobile device, it just won’t display in the best way to be viewed.

Some issues you may see are:

  • the full web page loads and is too small to read so the user has to zoom in different areas of the page to be able to read it
  • certain technologies won’t display (i.e. Flash)
  • content is too close together so fingers can not easily tap links
  • pages load to slowly


Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly websites are here to stay.  You can’t ignore it, with the explosion of users viewing web pages on phones and tablets, you have no choice but to make your website mobile friendly for your users and customers. (Smart phone sales between 2007 – 2016)

For years now, all websites I build are mobile friendly. It is included as part of any website development quote I provide, and not something that I ask if you want included. Mobile friendly website design is a standard that all websites need to conform to.

Is my website mobile friendly?

It’s easy to check if your website is mobile friendly.  Access your website on your phone. Is it easy to read? Is the font a readable size, or did you have to “blow up” the screen to ready any text? Did it take while to load? Could you easily tap on the menu links, or are they too close together?

Google has a simple tool to check to. Just enter  your website url in to the form and click submit. Here is the link to check if your website is mobile friendly.

Besides a simple “Yes, your website is mobile-friendly” or “Page is not mobile friendly”. Additional helpful information is given to address if there are loading issues and a screen grab of what your website looks like on a mobile device. Here is an example of this page’s mobile friendly test results.


Is my website mobile friendly?

If you’re not sure what the results mean, there is a share results link in the bottom corner. Copy it and send it to me, I will review and give recommendations to you.

If your website is not mobile friendly, consider my mobile friendly website redesign services.

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