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Ways to Build a Website

What are ways to build a website? There are many ways to accomplish this. I am going to discuss briefly, two approaches.

Build a Website For Free

If you are looking to build a free website,  you can find services that offer this. This may be an option for a personal website, but if you are looking to build a website for your company though, I would not recommend it.

Free web page builders usually have some “strings attached” like having to display advertising on your pages that can not be removed. Another issue with free web pages is that you may not be able to use your own domain name. The domain would include the service providers domain name in your site..  Web space may be an issue too. They may only offer a small amount of web space. When you reach the limit, they would charge you to add space, or you would have to move to a different service.

Professional Website – Paid Services

If you intend to invest money into building a professional website for your company, these are some areas that you have  costs involved.

  1. Purchasing a domain name
  2. Purchasing web hosting
  3. Website design and development

DIY Website Builders

Just because you are going to invest money into building a web page, it does not mean you can not do it yourself. There are many automated website builder tools available that “hold your hand” through the process of building a website. You pay a monthly fee to use their service.  The fees are often bundled to include a domain name, web hosting and their proprietary tools to build web pages. They offer themes/templates to choose from that look clean/professional. You just have to plug in your content an images.

This can be a good solution for a new company needing a simple website online fast,  or small business that just wants an informational website about what they offer.

There is a downside to these types of website builders though.

1. You can only build with the features they offer. If you want to custom code something that is not available, well you can’t. You are restricted to what the tool offers.

2. You are committed to using their website builder tools and hosting. If you decide you want to move the site to another host, you can’t. The “website builder” is a larger application that runs to build the application. It is unique to the web site service provider. You can’t just export the HTML and set it up somewhere else.

3.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is not easy to address on these sites. Beyond the features they offer, you can not customize to your needs.


Hire a Web Developer

Hiring a professional is an option if you have no time or no desire to learn how to build a website. If you need a custom website with specific functionality built in, then you need to get an experienced programmer involved.   There is a lot more to building a website than  copy and pasting text and images into an editor. If you need a web presence for your business,  hiring someone with the technical expertise to get it done properly makes sense.

Confused? I understand there are a lot of options. This article touches on a couple approaches. Contact me for a web development quote if would like to discuss the best way for how you should build your website. I also offer website packages that include domain name, web hosting and design and development.

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