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Web Development Pricing – What Are Your Freelance Rates?

Web Development Pricing

Web development pricing a is tricky because there are so many factors that will effect the final cost.  I compare it much like buying a car. When you walk into a dealership, you have a general idea of how much you intend to invest in your purchase. The end result could vary greatly.

low budget carhigh budget car

Whats your budget?

Your budget that you have to invest in the project is a factor in what the final pricing will be.


Once your budget is defined, I move on to defining the features you want coded into your website.


At this point, if your budget does not match the features that you want included we need to separate your feature list in to “haves” and “wants”. Some times the wants end up getting excluded, or the project may be broken out into phases to plan adding features in over a period of time.

In all the years of coding website, I’m not sure if 2 projects have ever come in at the same rate. I have never cloned a website and given 2 clients the exact same thing with just different content. Coding a website  just doesn’t work like that.


There is no simple rate scale to build a website since every website project is unique and everyone’s budget is different.  There are many ways approach building a website. I  ask a lot of questions up front to be able work within a client’s budget to offer a solution for what they can afford. If you can not provide a budget for me, I most likely won’t waste time writing up a proposal for you.  It’s a guessing game for me what you think is a “good number”. I want to create a website that works within your means, not provide you with the cheapest (or most expensive) option possible.


Contact me if you would like website development pricing for your website project.

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