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What is a Web Developer’s Job?

What is a Web Developer? A web developer will use a combination of coding and scripting languages to build web pages on a website. Common technologies used are; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP and SQL.

A web developer’s job is to build and maintain websites . You could compare “web developer” to the generalized term “doctor”. There are many different aspects of web site development, and just saying “I’m a web developer” doesn’t fully define the role.

A web developer usually has general knowledge of many areas of website development, and may specialize in a specific area like  front end coding, back end web programming, website content development or search engine optimization.

A web developer tends to focus on the technical side web web site development where a web designer works on how the website looks.

Depending on your website project needs, contracting a freelance web developer may be sufficient or hiring a full time staff to build and manage your web application may be necessary.

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