What Is My IP Address IPv4

Your ipv4 IP Address is:,


Your IPv4 address is the public address of your computer.

IPv4 is a system that helps computers communicate with each other over the Internet. It assigns a unique address to each device on the Internet so that information can be sent and received between them. It is like a street address for your computer, unique, allowing it to be identified and located by other computers on the Internet. IPv4 uses a 32-bit address format and is capable of assigning approximately 4.3 billion unique addresses.

Amazingly, we are running out of IPv4 addresses. Even with 4.3 billion combinations possible, it is not enough to accommodate the growing number of devices connected to the Internet. With the increasing demand for Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, even your refrigerator, furnace… the available IPv4 addresses are being depleted rapidly. This has led to the development of IPv6, which uses a 128-bit address format and is capable of assigning a virtually unlimited number of unique addresses.

IPv6 was first introduced in 1998 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a solution to the limitation of IPV4 combinations. . IPv6 uses a larger address format, which allows for a virtually unlimited number of unique addresses. Adoption of using IPv6 has been slow and still represents a minority of the Internet.

Why do I want to know your IP address?

Most of the time when I ask what is your IP address is it for troubleshooting problems with your website not loading.  Client’s contact me that their website will not load but they can see other websites.  This is almost always related to the web server firewall blocking your IP address for security reasons.  Some flag was triggered that you were doing something potentially malicious.  Typically it is related to entering an incorrect password multiple times.  When you tell me what your IP address is, I can then search the firewall logs and unblock your IP.  This is only half the fix though. Unless you correct the issue that got you blocked in the first place, you will most likely get blocked again.


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