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What is PHP

Server Side Scripting

PHP is an open source (free) scripting language that enables you to build dynamic web pages.

It is executed from the web server and builds an html page which is then delivered to the user’s browser.

PHP can also interact with a database. With this functionality, web developers can build very large and complex websites that are easy to maintain.

For example, if you had a website with 100 pages and only used html, you would have to depend on a web developer to manually edit each file any time a change was needed. By combining PHP and a database, these 100 pages could be stored in the database, and then the site owner could access the data and manage it through a content management system when a change was needed, rather than depending on the developer.

What Is PHP?

PHP websitePHP  is just “part of the puzzle” when building a website. By itself there is not much to see. PHP works in conjunction with HTML to display information on a web page. HTML/CSS is what you see. The logic that determines what displays on the page is decided with PHP coding.

PHP allows you to connect to a database to generate content. PHP allows you to process input from a form. PHP enables you to add an incredible amount of functionality to your website.

What Does A PHP Web Programmer Do?

As a PHP web programmer, I code web applications that have functionality rather than just text and images to read. For example, with PHP and a MySQL database, you can submit and store data through web forms, register users and log them into a website, or purchase products with a credit card.

I have developed, worked on and maintained hundreds of PHP websites. As a PHP freelancer, I have had the opportunity to work on many different types of programming projects since I don’t work for just one company or in a specific industry.

You can see PHP programming examples and PHP websites I have built in my PHP developer portfolio.

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