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Where are you located?

I work remotely as a freelance web developer from Virginia, on the East Coast of the USA. (EST, GMT -5)

This does not stop me from taking on clients anywhere though. I provide website development services anywhere – nationwide, world wide.

I work remotely from home so if you find me on the Internet,  there’s a chance we could work together.

Before I became a freelance web developer I commuted to downtown Norfolk every day from Virginia Beach.  While there are worse commutes in Hampton Roads, its still no fun. Taking that stress out of my day, every morning and evening is definitely a perk of working from home.

Actually most of my clients are not located near me in Virginia Beach, or surrounding cities like Chesapeake, Norfolk or Hampton.  Web development services I offer specialize in back end PHP programming along with WordPress. This is a bit of niche in the field of website development, so having people from anywhere find me works out well.

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