Where to Find a Web Programmer

You have a website, so you have an need for website development and maintenance.


Where do you find a web programmer that is a professional and dependable resource?


find a web programmerWell, you found one! Most likely you came to this page by searching Google on where to find a web programmer or web developer. Google is a great resource to find just about anything.

If you are developing a small to mid size website, or need new website development or maintenance on your existing website, I may be the perfect solution for you.

Projects of this size do not require a full time in house web developer. I am available to do web programming on an as needed basis. Once the project is complete you may need website maintenance or SEO services, but these tasks only require part time dedication on smaller websites.

Consider the following when trying to find a web developer to work on your website.

The Size and Timeline of your Website Project

The size of your website will determine if you should be looking for a web development company with a team of developers, or if a  individual or freelance web developer will be sufficient. If a larger project and timeline is an issue, then working with a team of web developers may make more sense.

Your Website Budget

Your budget will play a role in what type of web developer you are looking for.  Most likely a web development company with a lot of overhead is going to charge higher fees than an independent freelance web developer. Hiring overseas will most likely cost significantly less. Companies tend to charge a minimum hour per month commitment, where freelancers tend to charge per project.


Do you feel most comfortable meeting in person, speaking on the phone or corresponding over email about your project?  Geographic location of your web developer will play a factor if you must meet face to face.  Timezone differences and language barriers need be considered if you hire overseas.

The website development industry is still relatively new and a specialized market.  This makes typical ways of finding a professional resource like recognizing a brand name, or asking people for referrals a challenge.

Google is a great starting point if you want to find someone local, independent freelancer or outsource work overseas.

There are numerous local directories to start searching like, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp  and social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

There are numerous online job boards that cater to companies and freelancers world wide like Freelancer or Upwork.

Simply Googling “freelance web programmer” and you will find a skilled web developer that can also help you get found in search engines.  : )

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