Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

What is web hosting service and why do I need it?

What Is Web HostingWeb hosting services are a piece of the puzzle in order to have a website show up on the Internet.  A web host sells you space on their computer that is connected to the Internet.

At a minimum, you need web hosting service, a domain name and website code to create a “live” website. Your website code has to be on a computer that is connected to the Internet and can serve web pages.  This computer is called a web server.

Why can’t I use my own computer? The computer you use connects to the Internet, but the computer it self is not a part of the Internet for users worldwide to access web pages from it.

A web hosting company sells you a web hosting package that gives you space on their web servers to host your website.  If you don’t own a web server, and you do not know how to set one up and manage it, you need a web host.

What Kind of Web Hosting Do I Need?

It depends on your level of technical knowledge, what kind of website you have, how much traffic you receive and what your budget is for web hosting services.  On top of providing web development services, I am also a web hosting provider. So if you come to me to build a new websites, I can also host your website for you on high quality, business grade web servers.

Contact me if you need consulting about what type of web hosting services you need for your website.


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