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Web Development Consultant

Many people contact me stating that need a website, but have no idea of what they need beyond this. I provide web consulting services to help you plan the best way to approach building your website.  I will walk you through the development process and provide you with a website proposal that will meet your website needs.  I continue to provide consulting throughout the whole web development process.

WordPress Consultant

Why hire me for WordPress consulting services? I have worked on hundreds of WordPress websites since 2002 . This level of experience is the difference between using a DIY website builder and having a professional website to move your business forward.

WordPress consulting services to help you plan to  build a new website or address issues on an existing WordPress website are available.  On top of consulting, I also provide WordPress development, theme customization and WordPress maintenance services too .

There is mixed information on the Internet about WordPress being the best way to build a website and the worst way. I will say I have seen plenty of awful WordPress websites out there that run slow and are full of security issues.

That’s not WordPress’ fault. It’s due to ignorance and neglect on your part (or your WordPress developer). I run all of my personal websites on WordPress and have never been hacked. You need quality hosting and experience to keep it running fast and secure.

In terms of speed, running WordPress (or any other website for that matter) on a quality host is a must. Optimizing your website for it to run faster is also needed. (You can see my WordPress speed test results here.)

Web Development Consulting

Website Consulting

Some web developers are just coders. You tell them what you need, they code it, deliver it, done.  Often, people that contact me do not know what they need beyond “I need a website”.  I provide web development consulting services to “hold your hand” through the web development process.

In the beginning I  answer any questions you have about the process of how to create a website, using custom, open source or commercial software options and a ballpark budget you should expect to spend to build your website. During the web development phase, I will make suggestions and recommendations for the best way to address issues that come up.

Web Development Consulting

SEO Consultant

As a web programmer, I address technical SEO which includes code and content related website optimization (vs marketing your website by building backlinks and social media.)
Technical SEO recommendations I can make address the following:

  • Unique page titles, meta tags targeting specific keywords
  • Generating and submitting sitemaps
  • Addressing code issues that will effect your rankings
  • Creating and submitting site maps
  • Making websites mobile friendly
  • Improving page load time and overall website speed

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to hire me for website consulting services, contact me below and I will be in touch to confirm a date and time for us to have a phone call.

Schedule a Website Consultation

Note: I am located in Virginia USA, EST (GMT -5). Consultations are remote over the phone or email.

Be prepared before our website consultation.

The more prepared you are before we speak, the more valuable information you will get from our website consultation. Consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of your site?
  • What is your general website budget?
  • How do you plan to market your site?
  • Do you want to sell products online?
  • Do you know who your competitors are?
  • Do you need web hosting, website development, website design, search engine services?

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