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Website Cost Calculator

How much does a website cost?

I get emailed on a daily basis with people contacting me to find out what a website costs. I get a 1 or 2 sentence description of what they want, and in return they want a solid number that I will commit to.

I wish it were that simple.

Calculate Website Costs

I am in the process of  building a website cost calculator to give people a ballpark estimate of what a website could potentially cost based on some questions you answer.  This website cost calculator will  give you an estimate of what I may charge to build a website for you. In the mean time, I have details below of what will effect your website costs.

If you would like to receive a solid quote, I need a specific details about your project. If you’re not sure what to tell me, I have a  website development questionnaire you can review.  In return, I will send you a proposal for website development. If you are ready to provide this to me, you can request quote for website development here.

Website Design Costs

Custom web design
Logo design
Website template or theme
Custom website graphics
Template or theme customizations

Website Development Costs

Number of web pages
Web programming
Web programming
Web database design and development
Search engine optimization
eCommerce website development
Social Media integration

Other Website Costs

Copy writing/content creation
Domain Name Registration
Web Hosting Fees
Secure Certificate
Website Maintenance

Website Development Costs

There area lot of factors that effect website development costs. There are a lot of ways to approach website development too. Defining your website budget and then developing a plan to build your website is the approach I suggest to create an affordable website for your needs.

Contact me to discuss more.