Below are WordPress website examples I have built and included in my website portfolio.  I have worked on hundreds more WordPress sites in many different industries and website functionality.

If you need a simple website built fast, or a large website full of content that needs managed, WordPress is probably a great option for your website project. This open source software started out mainly to be used for blogging. This is no longer the case. Almost any type of website can be easily built and customized in WordPress.

 Why Use WordPress?

  • Clean, solid code. The code code is solid, with minimal bugs. Code is clean which gives you a head start with SEO
  • Huge following. There are thousands of web developers out there that build WordPress websites. Its easy to find help when you need it.
  • You can manage all of the content on your website right from your browser. No need to depend on a web developer every time you need a text change.
  • Affordable. The code is free. Costs involved are with the website design and functionality you need.

You can see some examples of the various types of websites that can be built using WordPress below.