Custom Search Engine Script

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Custom Search Engine Script

This project was for website redesign services on a website that I coded a custom search engine script for back in in 2013.  I have been working with this client ongoing, continuing to develop and tweak the website all of these years.

The project focused on search engine website design to update look to be more user friendly and search engine friendly. You can read details of the original mp3 search engine project here.

Website redesign can be a challenge, especially on high traffic websites like this one.  Returning users don’t like change – even if its an improvement, so I was careful to keep the layout similar to how it was.

Changes in the functionally consisted tweaking the search engine script to return results faster by changing how the menu links for the different types of music worked.

All mp3 music on the website is free to download. The site is sustained on donations and ad revenue.  The redesign took this into consideration, making these elements more prominent, but not annoying.


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