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Texas Woodcarvers Guild

Web Designer was retiring

I was first contacted by this client because their webmaster/web designer was retiring. They were looking for a new webmaster to take over web hosting services and annual web maintenance. After doing a site review, I recommended services to rebuild their website. Code was outdated and would not run on the current version of PHP. As we discusses more, there were other issues to address like mobile friendly design, features that were not working and or lacking and usability issues for their older, non technical members.

We scoped out the requirements in detail and custom coded a new website from the ground up.

Building a custom website from scratch, takes experience to plan and properly execute so it is scalable over time. Adding in migration of many years of data with a large number of members into a new database design complicates the project exponentially.

Some website functionality coded includes:

  • Working  from the old custom coded content management system (CMS), I build a new custom CMS from scratch to manage all content like members, payment, seminar creation and registration, web pages.
  • Member registration to pay annual dues online with Paypal or check payments
  • Various member roles when logged into the website to access different features
  • Instructors can submit applications for seminars to teach at the annual event.
  • Members can register online for seminars
  • Members can buy event tickets with Paypal or check payments
  • Numerous reports were created to make management more efficient
  • Unique requirements were coded for primary and secondary member relationships

The application was extensively alpha and beta tested.  When the site was released live for opening day of online class registrations it was anti -climactic (in a good way!)

The site worked exactly as scoped with no major bugs or problems with new users being able to understand the sign up process.

Based on our work and experience with Adrienne Palmiere, I highly recommend her for total website implementation.

Adrienne rebuilt our non-profit website with modern technology and processes. She is an ultimate professional in all areas associated with website development including business, ecommerce, and usability. I was impressed with her attention to details like security, organization, and providing us tools to manage our website.

She helped guide us in design decisions, user friendly presentation to our users, and best practices in website architecture.

Adrienne is tenacious resolving problems that may arise. She was very responsive to our needs and was excellent communicating plans, alternatives, and solutions.

Online Member Registration Form
Online member registration form with custom functions
Online Class Registration
Detailed description of available seminars with online class registration
Custom Cms Development
Password and role protected custom CMS to manage all website content.

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