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mp3 Search Engine

I was hired as a freelance programmer to build a custom mp3 search engine. This project as a complete website redesign that included website design, database design and development and PHP programming.

Prior to hiring me to rebuild the site, it consisted of static html pages listing hundreds of mp3 files on multiple pages. Any new mp3 files needing added to the site would have to be manually added to the source code. Maintaining this site was becoming tedious.

My client wanted a minimalist design and ability for users to be able to search for mp3s by tempo, genre or tags he defined. I designed and created a MySQL database for all mp3 information to be stored. I then wrote an import script to find all mp3 files on the server and read in the ID3 metadata and parse it from the mp3 file. This meant the client did not have to do any data entry to build the site (yeah!). Any time new files are added, he simply FTPs the files to the server. Then he runs the import script to find new files and add them to the database.

I wrote an mp3 search engine for users to find the types of music they were looking for with the option to play the music from the browser or download the mp3 file.

My client created all music on the website. All mp3s are free to download. Check him out!