Securely Send Passwords Online

securely send passwords online

Send Passwords Securely

Freelancing and working remotely, I have an ongoing need of clients sending me their passwords for hosting accounts, WordPress logins and other accounts securely.

I use a secure online form for new account setups, and request them there. Often throughout a web development project I need access to other logins too.  I finally got around to building a simple website to securely send me usernames and passwords that I request.  There is no need to include who you are, or a link to the site to login to because we have discussed it separately. All submissions go only to me. Details are stored in a database, not send to me over email. I receive email notification there has been a submission, but have to view the information over a secured admin page.

I then delete the data when I have saved it in my password manager. (KeePass is a great free little utility to securely store and manage all of your logins. I have more than a 1,000 username/passwords stored in it)

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