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securely send passwords online

Send Passwords Securely

Freelancing and working remotely, I have an ongoing need of clients sending me their passwords for hosting accounts, WordPress logins and other accounts securely.

I use a secure online form for new account setups, and request them there. Often throughout a web development project I need access to other logins too.  I finally got around to building a simple website to securely send me usernames and passwords that I request.  There is no need to include who you are, or a link to the site to login to because we have discussed it separately. All submissions go only to me. Details are stored in a database, not send to me over email. I receive email notification there has been a submission, but have to view the information over a secured admin page.

I then delete the data when I have saved it in my password manager. (KeePass is a great free little utility to securely store and manage all of your logins. I have more than a 1,000 username/passwords stored in it)

Other Website Development Projects

View other projects in my web developer portfolio. I have worked on hundreds of websites in different industries. Many projects are excluded in my portfolio due to web designers, graphic design agencies, marketing companies, and other small businesses outsourcing website development services to me. If you don't see something listed that you are wondering if I can build for you, contact me so we can discuss your web programming requirements.