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Watch Tracker Database

This custom website enables users to register their watches and also search watches online. The purpose is to create a publicly searchable database to make watches traceable and difficult to resell if they are stolen.

The functionality of this website was defined from another site that had been retired. It had been built with Kohana CMS  This CMS was built on a depreciated PHP framework that is no longer supported. A website upgrade to rebuild it was the only option to move forward.

With any website rebuild, data migration is a significant part of the project. The new database design had to account for content in the old system.  Import scripts were written bring all content into the new web database design.

Website Development

This was custom website development in every sense.

  • Custom web design
  • Custom database design and development
  • Web programming to build a custom website search
  • custom eCommerce website development to accept payments through Paypal

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