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WordPress Design & Development

Nimmo Community Garden is a small nonprofit organization that brings together gardeners to grow produce for themselves and to donate food banks and senior living communities in Virginia Beach, VA.  I have been involved with this organization for several years and have watched it grow.

This season we decided having a website designed and developed would be beneficial to communicate to the many volunteers involved in the community gardens, along with exposing the organization on the Internet for others to find. I volunteered for the task.

WordPress Development Services Included

  • Installation, configuration and security
  • WordPress Design & Development
  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress development including blog, registration forms, add posts from email, include Facebook photo gallery on the website, embed .pdf files
  • Ongoing website maintenance for security
  • Content management
  • WordPress web hosting

Why WordPress for Nonprofits?

WordPress is a great web design solution for non profit organizations because:

  • Affordable – WordPress can be setup quickly for fast development.
  • Ease of use – Most nonprofits are run by volunteers. Learning the basics of WordPress to make edits or add blog posts is easy
  • Expandable – As your organization grows, it’s easy to add new functionality like donation forms, blogs, event calendars….
  • Huge community – WordPress is huge ( over 60% of  CMS websites use WordPress). If you need help it’s easy to find.

If you need WordPress design & development services for your nonprofit organization, get in touch.

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