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Website Management

Website Management

Piece of mind that your website is online, all the time.

Small business owners have a lot to think about.  Getting a new website developed is a big effort. Once it’s done, I’m sure a lot of clients are relieved and want to put it behind them, letting it “do its job”.  Unfortunately there are a lot of ongoing maintenance and management tasks associated with running a website.

Website management service includes monitoring all aspects of your website to
keep it up and running properly – all the time.

Face it, like everything else, Websites don’t run them selves.

Do you know where your domain is registered? How about the login details and when it expires? What about your hosting company? Is your server configuration up to date? Do you know what to check?

Hiring a website manager will maintain a professional online presence for your company by being online all the time and error free.

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Buy website management services that address the technical aspects of keeping your website online.

Web management and web maintenance are not quite the same. Web management services offered here do not address web design changes, editing content or code related ongoing updated like WordPress maintenance. I offer all of these website services too if you are interested.

Web Management

  • Annual domain registration
  • Annual web hosting
  • 1 on 1 web hosting support
  • Website backups
  • Website security review

Web Maintenance

  • New web development
  • Content management
    (additions, edits to web pages)
  • Search engine optimizatoin
  • Code updates
  • Debugging code errors

Content Management

My strengths are in the technical side of web development.  While I can provided content management services in terms of editing or updating content on your website, I prefer to code website backend management tools for you to be able to manage content on your website yourself.

Website Content Management

Website Backend Management

Coding backend website management tools, you can easily edit text and images on your website without depending on a web developer to make changes for you.

Informational websites can benefit from a CMS. Any website that uses a database will most likely have content management tools.

Blogs, online stores, search engines and directory websites are all examples of sites that need back end website management tool to function.

I specialize in content management system design and development for small businesses. They help their company grow and run more efficiently.

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