Redesign to make your website
look better (and function better).

A web redesign is not just about making your website look better, but making all of it better. Any changes you make to web pages on your site should be centered around making it better for your users. Consider the following:


Professional Image

A website is often the first impression for a potential new customer. Outdated websites reflect poorly on your business.

Missing Information

Your website message may no longer reflect who your business is, or have functionality to help your company grow.

Current Technology

Using outdated technology on your website means some users will not be able to view it properly or use functionality built into the site.

Website Security

The website owner is responsible for keeping user’s data secure and protecting them from code vulnerabilities.

Benefit from a updating your site.

Websites grow, age and become outdated over time. Even if you update your website regularly, eventually you need to redesign and rebuild your site to make it better.


Your website is a reflection of your/your business and is available 24/7. It is essentially free advertising to any user that finds you in Google or other search engines. It only makes sense that you want to keep your content current and site looking up to date. Slow loading pages, website not loading properly on mobile,
broken links, out of date content… this is all frustrating to users and they will easily leave your site and go somewhere else.

There is no definitely timeline like “every 3 years”.  Every website is built in a unique way. How a website owner maintains their site is also a big factor in how often it needs to be redesigned.

I will say the more you keep on top of updates and technology, the longer you can go with putting off a redesign.

Again, this depends on a lot of factors. If you do not update your site on a regular basis then a redesign may be needed more often than someone that is more active with website maintenance.  If your business services change significantly or a business is sold, these may be reasons for a redesign.

Costs of website redesign services vary.

Factors like:

  • the size of your site
  • features and functionality to add/remove
  • your budget and timeline to complete

The good thing about a redesign is it can be broken out in steps to make gradual improvements if your website budget does not allow for a full overhaul. Request a free quote.

What goes into a website redesign?

What kind of redesign services you need depends on what aspects of your site you want to focus on. i.e. Content, design/look, technology new features, functionality...

Website Revamp

Website Revamp

Target specific parts of a website like updating colors, fonts, or rearranging content.

Website Redesign​

Web Programming

A full website redesign refers to changing how the overall website looks.

Overhaul Website

Overhaul Website Redesign

Essentially a website rebuild. It consists of changing the design & rebuilding  code structure.

It makes sense.

Why hire me to rebuild your website?​

My skill set focuses on the technical side of building websites. I understand you don’t want a redesign to affect SEO, or have your site go offline during a transition from an old web design to a new one. Work with a professional website building consultant to redesign and rebuild your site.


I have successfully built and redesigned hundreds of websites, accumulating years, of experience to address today’s web standards.


Clients are happy with my work. Read web developer reviews from clients that I have rebuilt their websites.

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