My site was developed in 2012. The web developer will not respond to calls or emails. My site is broken and I need a website upgrade.

Upgrade Your Website

Is it time to upgrade your website?

When you neglect to keep your website updated, you are essentially turning customers away.

Old, Outdated, Broken And Ugly Websites Are NOT Helping Your Business. Make time to upgrade your website.

Find out what it will cost to upgrade your website.

What changes on a website upgrade?

Any/all of the following could be part of website upgrade services.

Redesign to improve your professional image
Old and outdated content on your website
Updating old and outdated code technologies on your website
addressing vulnerabilities to make your site secure
Optimization to improve search engine rankings
Performance optimization to improve website speed

Depending on the age of your site, how it was built and maintained,
you many need to address some or all of these points.


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Finish My Website

Why Website Upgrades Don’t Get Done

There lots of reasons why website upgrades get put off.

It takes effort to plan and implement
It takes money that you may not have budgeted for
It is not a small business owner’s main priority
You simply don’t want to deal with it

I get it. Small business owners seldom have an in house web developer on staff. Just the task of hiring someone to work on their website is an effort.

The concept of website maintenance or eventually website rebuild services  is often not discussed when someone builds a site. Your web designer most likely did not discuss long term with you.

What people say about hiring me to
upgrade their website.


Are you past due for a website upgrade?

The longer you put it off, the more complex and expensive it will be. Make it a priority before it hurts your business.