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WordPress Development Services

Wordpress Development

 I work exclusively with open source code, not the self hosted blogging platform.

I have been hired as a freelance web developer on hundreds of projects since I started building websites with WordPress in the early 2000’s.

WordPresss development services I offer range from small jobs like fixing hacked websites and theme customization to large scale full website development projects.

Freelance WordPress Services

WordPress Web Design

Web design services include new website development from the design through to the completion of the project.

WordPress Development

WordPress Customization

Customization service includes making any changes to the way your WordPress theme looks and or functions.

WordPress Customization

WordPress Themes

Theme development services include creating a new theme (web design) for your website. psd to html conversion or customizing a premade theme.

WordPress Themes

WordPress Support Services

Not everyone realizes it (until there is a problem), but WordPress requires ongoing support and maintenance compared to a simple HTML website. Just like your computer’s operating system needs regular updates for security, features and bug fixes, code needs maintained regularly to keep it up to date and secure. I provide all types of website support from fixing hacked websites, securing them and speed optimization, to general website maintenance.

Maintenance Services

WordPress Maintenance services include keeping core WordPress code and plugins up to date for security and features/functionality.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Security Service

I will tweak and modify about 30 items to secure your website. keep in mind if your site is not secured and kept up to date ongoing, you will eventually get hacked.

WordPress Security

WordPress Management

Website management services include any general support you may need, from coding to website content updates and/or business grade web hosting.

WordPress Management

Hire a WordPress consultant to build your site from the ground up or fix issues with your current website.