WordPress Maintenance Agreement

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Packages

Web Hosting Service

  •  VPS web hosting
  • 5 GB storage for website code, content, database, email
  • Secure certificate
  • POP3 email accounts
  • cPanel access
  • Web hosting support

WordPress Maintenance Services

  • Monthly Code Updates – This includes updating WordPress core, plugins and themes.
  • Monthly security review – Review source code, error logs and any other files for suspicious activity.
  • Priority website updates when plugin vulnerabilities are made public
  • Offsite backups of code and database for disaster recovery

Any requests for any work not under maintenance above, including new web pages, new development or consulting (over email or phone) will be billed additionally.

You will have full access to your WordPress admin and to your hosting account control panel.


Billing & Payments

Invoices are sent 1 month ahead of service (or 1 month prior to annual renewal). Payment is expected by the due date.  Monthly WordPress maintenance will not be completed until payment is received for the month.  If payment is 30 days past due, your web hosting and email service will be suspended until full payment is received.  If your site has been suspended and needs to be reinstated, you will pay the current WordPress maintenance package rates.


There is no contract, you may cancel any time by email or postal mail.  There will be no refunds for unused service.

Once you cancel services, your web hosting account will be terminated. It is up to you to make a full backup of your website and email if you are transferring it to another website maintenance or hosting company.


Freelance Web Programmer guarantees your website will not get hacked while you are a WordPress maintenance services client.

If you have paid plugins or themes, it is your responsibility to renew the licenses to get code updates for security fixes.   Not keeping the license current will negate the guarantee.

If you or you have any other web developer make changes to your website code (including installing plugins or themes), this will negate the guarantee.

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