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WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress maintenance plan

WordPress Maintenance Plan Set Up

Thank you for your interest in my WordPress support services. Please fill out the form below to sign up for a WordPress maintenance plans so I can generate an invoice and get started with updating your website.

If needed, you need to review WordPress Maintenance Services offered again here.

  • Billing Information

  • This is the email address that invoices will be sent to.
  • Enter your billing address.

  • WordPress Maintenance Plan

  • Your WordPress website Url. If I do not have your web hosting FTP login and WordPress admin login, please send this securely (not over email).

  • Check this box if you would like to receive an email summary and the date(s) services were performed during the prior month.

  • I offer no long term contract for WordPress maintenance services. I bill month to month. Payment is expected promptly, with services not being performed until payment is made. If you wish to discontinue services at any time, please be respectful and notify me. If an invoice goes beyond 30 days, I will assume you want to discontinue and invoices will stop.

  • If you do not host your website through my company, all web hosting support issues are your responsibility. I will not contact your web host via email, chat or speak to them on the phone. It is your responsibility to resolve any issues related to your web host.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

WordPress Maintenance

Signing up for a WordPress maintenance plan includes the following services:

  • Updates to WordPress Core
  • Updates to WordPress Plugins
  • Theme Updates
  • Securing WordPress
  • Regular Security Reviews
  • Regular Offsite Backups

Additional plans may include:

  • Updating website content
  • Adding new pages
  • Any web programming
  • If not hosted through me, all web hosting support is handled by you.

I will gladly provide a cost estimate for WordPress development services if needed.