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WordPress Malware Removal

I am hired regularly for WordPress malware removal services. With tens of millions of websites running WordPress, this software is an easy target for hackers to infect your site with malware when its not properly secured.

Out of the box WordPress is not secure.

I will  clean your infected website and then properly secure it to prevent it from getting hacked again.


There are several dozen changes I will make to WordPress code to make it a challenge to hack your site. Once secured, you still have to commit to being diligent about regular WordPress maintenance.  Just like being proactive with keeping your PC updated and being proactive to protect against vulnerabilities, you have to be proactive with your WordPress website too.

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  • Provide any details you can such as errors you are seeing, or behaviors like you can not log in to admin, you are redirected to another malicious site, or Google malware warning ...
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WordPress Support

If you need help with WordPress for something other than hacked website, I provide all kinds of WordPress website help like :

  • Figuring out why is WordPress so slow for you
  • Move WordPress site to new domain
  • Ongoing monthly WordPress support and maintenance
  • Theme development and theme customization services

and of course, any type of WordPress website development.

Contact me with your WordPress development request.

Fixing WordPress Problems

Fixing website errors can be a challenge.  Years of experience can expedite solving a problem in 5 minutes that may take you hours to figure out otherwise. Experience doesn’t mean I always can solve a problem quickly though.  Digging into another programmers code to try to figure out what it is supposed to do in the first place can be quite a challenge. Because of this I bill for fixing website errors at an hourly rate. Its impossible for me to quote a flat rate to fix since I don’t know the issue until I can get into the source code to see what’s going on.

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