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WordPress Setup Service


Setup a WordPress Site

There are hundreds, probably thousands of tutorials on the Internet to walk you through WordPress setup.   Basic WordPress set up is not hard, but some people do not want to take the time to do it.  I offer services for setting up a WordPress site for you.

I have installed and set up hundreds of WordPress websites and will get it setup securely and correctly for you.  As an experienced WordPress developer, setup services I offer include much more than simply installing WordPress on your host.

Installing WordPress in the right directory
Setting your WordPress homepage
Setup a WordPress blog
Setup SSL with WordPress (https://)
Setup Google Analytics on WordPress
Setup automatic WordPress code and database backups (IMPORTANT!)
Optimize WordPress for speed (IMPORTANT!)

Install a WordPress Theme

Did you buy a WordPress theme and need help to install it? Do you need help configuring it to look like the demo?  I will properly configure it with a child theme so  any customization will be safe from updates.

People ask me how to setup a WordPress theme on GoDaddy, Hostgator or Bluehost.  The web host doesn’t matter. Setting up WordPress is the same process regardless of the host.

I work with the version of WordPress. This version is open source software that is downloaded and installed on a web host. The version is a hosted solution, meaning you sign up for a service, and use their web hosting and software.   WordPress is already installed with this service and not much setup to do.

Hire me for WordPress Setup Service.

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