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Website Repair

WordPress repair services to keep your site online

WordPress development services

Building Websites With WordPress

WordPress is great. You can have it installed in 5 minutes with a couple of clicks. Building pages is quick to learn too. What about when it breaks (and it does)? For as great as it is, there is a lot that can go wrong with WordPress. It takes a lot of time to gain the experience to troubleshoot all of the potential problems that go along with WordPress maintenance and keeping your website online.

Common WordPress repairs needed:

  • Repair a WordPress installation
  • Repairing the database
  • Repair WordPress permissions
  • Repairing a hacked WordPress site
  • Fixing PHP fatal errors
  • Fixing WordPress white screens

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Fix My WordPress Website!

Are you looking for a quick fix for WordPress problems? Lots of problems I can fix quickly, but unfortunately, not everything has a simple solution. Hacked websites can take hours to clean up, same for websites that have been neglected of regular maintenance for a long time. While I can not guarantee anything can be fixed in 15 min, I am positive I can fix problems faster than you.

Experienced WordPress Developer

I have been building and repairing WordPress sites since 2003. That accumulates to thousands of hours of experience. Being a web programmer, my skills focus on how things function, more than how they look. Here are some examples of the type of repairs I make.
  • 500 internal server errors
  • “Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”
  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size
  • White screen
  • “Error establishing a database connection
  • PHP Parse and Fatal errors
  • Permission problems
  • The page isn’t redirecting properly
  • Secure connection errors
  • Connection not private errors
  • Website not loading properly
  • Layout or design is broken
  • Site broke after updating plugins
  • Theme updates broke the site
  • Moving to a new host broken my site
  • WordPress security issues
  • WordPress is not sending email
  • WordPress is hacked or infected with malware
  • WordPress is blocked in Google
  • WordPress is slow

Note: I work with open source code, NOT hosted solution.

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