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Lose the headaches of trying to build, maintain and manage your site.

Hire a freelancer (small web development company) over a large web design company, as an affordable solution for small business owners.

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Specializing in WordPress development, maintenance and all kinds of technical support related to managing your website.

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WordPress Design & Development

WordPress development services go beyond web design and development.
Get a site built, maintained to keep it running fast, optimized, secure & error free, all of the time.

Fast WordPress hosting with code maintenance, is fully managed for you – that means one less thing for you to think about. 

WordPress Design & Development

Building new WordPress websites, upgrading your existing site, or migrating to WordPress from a different platform like Wix.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Fully managed WordPress services include code maintenance, fast and secure hosting and website support.

Website Maintenance Services

Need help troubleshooting website issues like code errors, website security like getting hacked, and ongoing website maintenance?

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services address website security, code & content updates, upgrading new technology and more.

Website Repair

Website repair services cover debugging errors to fix code/database issues, malware removal service, speed issues...

Website Redesign

Hire a freelancer for affordable website redesign services. Specializing in rebuilding old, broken and outdated websites with no downtime.


I have been a web developer since the late 1990s.  Initially working for a small startup web design company and then in a corporate setting before going out on my own as a freelancer 20+ years ago.

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to expand in to numerous industries and types of applications. Every job I learn something new and increase experience.

I work with WordPress daily on ever level from design and development, to custom programming, maintenance, SEO and tech support. 

With 25+ years of experience as a web developer, I provide website consulting services to recommend the best solution to build your site within your budget.  I am an expert problem solver with identifying and fixing website problems including; code, performance, SEO,  hosting, and security issues.

I am located on the East Coast of the USA, in Virginia Beach, VA in the coastal region known as Hampton Roads.  (consisting of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Hampton and Newport News)

Clients hire me locally in Hampton Roads and nationwide (and worldwide) to provide website programming,  development and support services remotely on their websites.

Although web designer is a general term to describe anyone that builds websites, more specifically a web designer focuses on the graphic design of how a website looks. This includes creating graphic elements, defining, fonts, colors and overall layout of a website. This is creative, “right brain” work.

I am a web developer, website programmer – a coder. I build websites, by programming logic with PHP/MySQL to make them function.  The work I do ranges from coding simple websites to complex web applications, fixing website problems, website maintenance, security, domain names and hosting.  The work I do focuses on supporting the technical side of web development.  This is logical, “left brain” work.

I do not outsource website design, but collaborate with web designers to support building custom websites. 

My skill set focuses on the technical side of web development. This includes web programming, database design and development, troubleshooting, technical SEO and web hosting.  (I do not have a team of web programmers that work for me and do not outsource web programming).

Even though the work I do is often referred to as web design, I am not a graphic designer.  I do not create the graphic elements of how a website looks, but do have experience in the best ways to lay out a web page to make it logical and user friendly.  I partner and collaborate with web designers to code functional websites.

Start a conversation. Get in touch with me through my contact or web development quote form and tell me about your project.

I will then provide website pricing to build it.

Then, if you would like to hire me to build a website for you,  I will send you a web development contract and invoice for deposit.

I work remotely, online for all projects I am hired to do. Communication is done over email, phone calls and Zoom.

What People Say About Hiring Freelance Web Programmer

5 Star Ratings

Adrienne reimplemented our non-profit guild website with modern technology and processes. She is an ultimate professional in all areas associated with website development including business, eCommerce, and usability. I was impressed with her attention to details like security, organization, and providing us tools to manage our website. She helped guide us in design decisions, user friendly presentation to our users, and best practices in website architecture. Adrienne is tenacious resolving problems that may arise. She was very responsive to our needs and was excellent communicating plans, alternatives, and solutions.

~ Dan G. President,  Texas Woodcarvers Guild

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