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Web Development Services

Specializing in website development for small businesses.

With 22+ years experience as a website developer, I provide more than just freelance programming. You are hiring a professional website consultant to guide you through every step of the web development process.

Hiring a freelance web developer is an affordable solution for building a professional website. With low overhead due to working independently and remotely, my website development costs can be a fraction compared to hiring a web development company.

If you want it done right, hire me.

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Web Programmer

I provide freelance programming services with PHP & MySQL to build dynamic database driven websites. Review recommendations from my clients and take a look around my programmer website to view web development services and my web developer portfolio.
With 22+ years experience as a website developer, I provide more than just web programming. You will be hiring an professional website consultant that will guide you through every step of building your website.
All projects I take on are completed to the terms of our contact and I make sure my clients are happy with the result. I hear so many horror stories of web developers taking your money and never finishing the job, or delivering a website that does not work. If this is your experience, be happy you found me. All communication is done directly with me. All web programming is completed by me. I do not outsource work you hire me to do to others.

Web Development Services

Website Development

As a website programmer, or  back end developer, I specialize in server side programming with PHP to interact with MySQL databases.

Hire me to build simple static websites to complex web applications.

WordPress Development

Hire me for WordPress development services including; new websites, theme development, customization & WordPress support and  maintenance services.

Website Maintenance

I provide a full range of website maintenance services from website updates to code and content, to management services like web hosting, domain management and website support.

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Freelance Web Developer Portfolio

Web Developer Portfolio

View a sample of hundreds of small business websites, websites for individuals and startup companies I have built since becoming a full time freelancer.

Website Development

WordPress Development

Websites I build are either custom PHP web applications or WordPress development.  I do everything with WordPress from new sites, theme customizations, security and optimization services (speed and SEO).

WordPress Development

PHP Developer Portfolio

Specializing in PHP, work I do is related to back end development. Every project on my website showcases my skills as a PHP freelance developer.

PHP Programming Examples

Website Maintenance

Often overlooked until its a problem, website maintenance is part of owning a website. I debug and repair long neglected websites, along with providing ongoing web maintenance services.

Website Maintenance

Web Programmer Recommendations

I Do what I say + Deliver on time + Trustworthy and Dependable.

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Website Development Services

How much does a website cost? Web programming can’t be easily packaged into a fixed rate. Quoting website development depending on the size, features, and functionality of the website, so the cost can range greatly.

Providing me with clear details about your project and your budget will help me determine the best way to build your website. It will also allow me to recommend a solution that is affordable for you. If you read this post about planning a website, you can get an idea of the type of information I am looking for in order to provide a website cost for your project.

When hiring a web developer to build a website, keep in mind you are receiving a professional service. Make sure who you hire has the knowledge and experience to properly build what you need.

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