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Save time, frustration, and money by hiring an experienced web developer for web development, database and web programming, consulting and web maintenance.

Web Development Services

I build large and small websites, design & develop web databases, code custom applications, host websites, debug issues, and more.

Web Design &Amp; Development

WordPress Programming

WordPress programming includes theme customizations or full website custom design and development.

Website Development Services

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance services address site security, ongoing code updates (WordPress) & adding new technology.

Website Support

PHP Programmer

Web programming with PHP &MySQL on self hosted websites. This includes custom web applications and WordPress.org websites.

Web Site Development

Web Database Development

Database web developer - I design and build custom MySQL web databases to build dynamic, data driven web applications.

Web Page Development

Website Repair

Expert website fixer. Repair services to fix website errors from code and database issues, to your site is down and won't load.

About Me

I have been building websites since the late 1990’s.  I have worked for small startups and in a corporate setting. 20 years ago I started working remotely, which then snowballed into becoming a full time freelance web programmer.

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to build many different types of applications in many different industries.

My main focus is coding custom websites with PHP/MySQL and WordPress.  Almost all web applications I build are a type of content management system (CMS).

With 25+ years experience in the field of website development, I make recommendations of the best solution to build your site within your budget.  I am an expert problem solver with identifying and fixing website problems including; code, performance, SEO,  hosting, and security issues.

I am located on the East Coast, in Virginia Beach VA.   Client’s hire me from all over the USA (and worldwide) to work remotely on their websites.

Start a conversation. Get in touch with me through my contact or web design quote form and tell me about your project.

I will then provide pricing to build your website.

If you would like to move forward I will provide a contract and invoice for deposit.

My skill set focuses on the technical side of web development. This includes coding, database design and development, debugging, technical SEO, web hosting.  I do not have a team of web programmers that work for me and do not outsource and web development.

I am not a graphic designer, copywriter or social media marketing expert. If you need these services, I collaborate with graphic and web designers and can connect you with someone to partner and collaborate with.

Although web designer is a general term to describe anyone that builds websites, more specifically a web designer focuses on the graphic design of how a website looks. This includes creating graphic elements, defining, fonts, colors and overall layout of a website. This is creative, “right brain” work.

I am a web programmer, a coder. I build websites, by programming logic with PHP/MySQL to make them function.  Work I do ranges from coding simple websites to complex web applications, fixing website problems, website maintenance, security and hosting. This is logical, “left brain” work.

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Freelance Experience

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to work in many different industries on many different kinds of projects.

Every day I am exposed to new challenges to solve and apply what I have learned.

My Clients

I fill the niche of development and support services for small business owners and individuals. They need web development services, but don’t have the budget to hire a web development company or full time developer. I work remotely to provide professional support services as needed.

Small Business Websites

Small Business Owners

The majority of my clients are small business owners that understand the importance of a website for their business but don’t have the time to learn how to build and maintain a professional website themselves.

B2B Relationships

I partner with freelancers web designers that provide niche services like me, along with small web design companies and marketing agencies to provide programming support they don’t have in house. By outsourcing web development, they can offer more services to their clients and grow their business.

Outsource Web Development
Individual Hobby Website Development


Individuals hire me for side projects that include hobby or start up websites. They have great ideas for a new business but don’t know where to start to create a website.

Website Help and Advice