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Web Programmer

I provide freelance programming services with PHP & MySQL to build dynamic database driven websites. Review recommendations from my clients and take a look around my programmer website to view web development services and my web developer portfolio.
With 20 years experience as a website developer, I provide more than just web programming. You will be hiring an professional website consultant that will guide you through every step of building your website.
All projects I take on are completed to the terms of our contact and I make sure my clients are happy with the result. I hear so many horror stories of web developers taking your money and never finishing the job, or delivering a website that does not work. If this is your experience, be happy you found me. All communication is done directly with me. All web programming is completed by me. I do not outsource work you hire me to do to others.

Web Programmer

I provide freelance programming services with PHP & MySQL to build dynamic database driven websites. Review recommendations from my clients and take a look around my programmer website to view web development services and my web developer portfolio.
With 20 years experience as a website developer, I provide more than just web programming. You will be hiring an professional website consultant that will guide you through every step of building your website.
Hire a programmer online, it’s easy.

Hire a Freelance Web Developer

Find out what web development will cost to build a custom website, WordPress theme customization, or a simple small business website.
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Freelance Web Developer

Freelance web developers can be an affordable solution for building a quality website. With low overhead due to working independently and remotely, cost for website development can be a fraction of a web design company.  If you’re looking to hire a coder,  review my web developer website to see if I will be a good fit for your project.

Years of experience and stellar recommendations will give you the confidence that hiring me as a freelancer programmer to work remotely is a good option for you. I’m not a moonlighter or have a day job – I freelance full time giving all my focus to my clients.

Are you a small business that has no web development knowledge? Maybe you’re a web designer or marketing company looking for a web development partnership to outsource web programming services.  Either way, hiring me you will get technical knowledge and experience you’re lacking in house.

Custom Websites

Custom web sites are built from scratch. By this I mean I started without a single file or database. I build these sites from the ground up, to include the exact requirements defined in the project spec.

  • Search engine websites
  • Auction websites
  • Property management websites
  • Project management websites
  • Order delivery systems
  • Start up company websites
  • Real estate MLS listing websites
  • Photo gallery websites
  • Product catalog websites

Hire a Freelance Programmer

PHP Developer

My main role as a website programmer, is a back-end developer, coding PHP & MySQL databases to create custom database web solutions.

Building the backend of a website with PHP, I code in functionality like content management, ecommerce…

I have built hundreds of dynamic websites coded with PHP.  Some website examples include ecommerce website development projects,  job application management tools, and web catalog websites.

Hire a PHP Developer

WordPress Customization

WordPress is not a drag and drop website builder, but content management system software. It takes some technical knowledge to properly setup, secure, configure and customize to build a website with it.

Hire me for new WordPress development or customization services.

Hire a WordPress Developer

Web Database Development

If you need a website that is more than simple text and images to provide information about your business, you will most likely benefit from a database driven website.

I have been providing web database development services my entire career web programming.  Any type of functionality you need build into your website, I can design a database and build a website to meet your requirements.

I have designed and built website databases with 100+ tables, and also small web projects that only need 1 table to build the functionality needed for the website.

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce website development services I offer include both custom web programming and configuring open source solutions like WordPress with WooCommerce and OpenCart shopping cart software. Hiring an eCommerce developer in the US is something to consider if your business is based in the USA. Understanding US tax laws, shipping carriers and payment options is something that you need to have an understanding of to get an online store set up properly.

I also offer secure eCommerce website hosting to my clients that runs on high performance SSD VPS servers. Hosting includes a free secure certificate too.

Website Malware Removal

Just like owning a PC, website malware is an ongoing maintenance issue.  I offer hacked website repair services that include cleaning virus infections and recommendations to prevent it from getting hacked again.

If your WordPress site is hacked, I specialize in WordPress malware removal  to clean and secure your website so it does not get hacked again.

Keep in mind, a one time fix does not mean your website won’t be vulnerable ever. Ongoing maintenance is needed like with anything else. I offer monthly website maintenance packages for both WordPress security and website support services.

A Perfect Solution for Small Businesses to Outsource Web Development

Hundreds of small business owners have been able to build their web presence and create successful online businesses through hiring me. Whether you need website development consultants, outsource web development , and/or website support services like web maintenance or overall site optimization on your personal website, I am a dependable ongoing resource for all web development services.

Years of Web Programming Experience

Freelance Web Developer Portfolio

Web Developer Portfolio

View a sampling of the hundreds of websites I have built as a freelance web programmer for small businesses, individuals and startup companies. I build a range of websites from simple new small business websites to large scale custom web applications.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples

WordPress Development

I recommend WordPress to new clients on a daily basis. It is easy to customize and you can build in just about any type of functionality. WordPress IS safe when properly secured.  As a freelancer I have the opportunity to work on WordPress websites in many industries, gaining all kinds of experience.

Custom WordPress Development Examples

PHP Developer Portfolio

All work I do daily revolves around PHP programming. Every project on my website showcases my skills as a PHP freelance developer.

Most of these projects are content management systems, unique to the company’s business needs. I build tools to save companies time and money by making processes more efficient.

PHP Programming Examples

eCommerce Development

I provide eCommerce website development services to sell items online ranging from a single product website to a database of thousands of products.  I build websites that sell physical products to ship, virtual products to download and member registrations.

If you are looking to build an online store to sell items with PaypPal, secure online credit card payments or something unique like a paid token system website, I can build it.

Website Development

Web Programmer Recommendations

I Do what I say + Deliver on time + Trustworthy and Dependable.

You can view more of my recommendations for website development here.

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Website Development

How much does a website cost? There is no “set rate” to build a website. People email asking what it will cost to build a website. They provide me with a sentence or two of details. Depending on the size, features, and functionality of the website you want created, the cost can range greatly.

Providing me with clear details about your project and your budget will help me determine the best way to build your website. It will also allow me to recommend something at an affordable website solution to you. If you read this post about planning a website, you can get an idea of the type of information I am looking for in order to provide a website cost for your project.

Most likely if you ask multiple web developers for a quote on the same job, prices will be all over the place. Keep in mind you are most likely not comparing apples to apples. This is another reason it is so important to communicate your project requirements up front and then understand what will be delivered in the quote provided to you.

When hiring a web developer to build a website, you are receiving a product as the end result. But you are also receiving a professional service. Make sure who you hire has the knowledge and experience to properly build what you need.

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Hire a Freelance Web Developer

Hiring a freelance web developer is a great option to get a quality web programming when you don’t need to hire a permanent website programmer. Having a freelance programmer “on hand” can be a valuable resource to help your business online.  People hire me for one time specific tasks and I also have clients I have provided ongoing website development and support services for over a decade.