Hire a Freelance Web Programmer

Save time, frustration, and money by hiring an experienced website developer. If you need an affordable solution for professional website development, management, and maintenance services, hire me.

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Freelance Website
Development Services

Hire a web programmer to build large or small scale websites, design & develop web databases, code custom applications, host websites, debug issues, and more.

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Custom Websites

I specialize in building custom websites to meet your unique needs.

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WordPress Development

WordPress web design and development are a large part of my daily workload.


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is important for security, bug fixes and new features.

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Web Programming

I am a backend programmer that builds websites with the server side scripting language PHP.

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Database Development

In conjunction with PHP, I use the open source database MySQL to build database driven websites.

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Website Support

I have been referred to as a freelance webmaster, providing technical web support whenever it's needed.

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Freelance Experience

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to work in many different industries on many different kinds of projects.

Every day I am exposed to new challenges to solve and apply what I have learned.

My Clients

My niche supports small business owners and individuals that need professional web development services but don’t need to hire a web development company or web developer full time.

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Small Business Owners

The majority of my clients are small business owners that understand the importance of a website for their business but don’t have the time to learn how to build and maintain a professional website themselves.

B2B Relationships

I partner with freelancers that provide niche services like me, along with small web design companies and marketing agencies to provide programming support they don’t have in house. By outsourcing web development, they can offer more services to their clients and grow their business. (white label)

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individual hobby website development


Individuals hire me for side projects that include hobby or start up websites. They have great ideas for a new business but don’t have the skills to program a custom website to meet their needs.

I work remotely

I’m located on the east coast of Virginia, but most of my clients are across the USA (and world wide).  Web programming is the ideal job to work remotely. (I’ve been providing web development services remotely for 20 years.)

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