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Website Development Services

Small business owners and individuals partner with me to build, manage and maintain their websites.

Hire a Freelance Web Developer

Website Programmer

I am more than a freelance web programmer. I provide technical support to develop databases, code applications, host websites, debug issues, and manage/maintain them.

PHP Programmer

I specialize in back end programming with PHP. Building database driven websites with MySQL.

WordPress Developer

Experienced with the technical side of WordPress development. Custom theme development, security, optimization, upgrades, maintenance....

Problem Solver

I fix websites. If your website has errors, been hacked... I can fix any website problems you need help with.
I repair websites every day.

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Send me clear details about your website project and I will give you a cost to build a website, upgrade or repair it.

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Technical Resource to Grow Your Web Presence

Outsource Website Development

Outsourcing web development makes sense for small businesses.  Adding website management to your to do list takes away from growing your business.  I am a technical resource beyond website building. Hire me for website management for everything from domain registration and web hosting, to secure certificates and all aspects of website support.

People sometimes are hesitant to contact me because they feel their project is too small. I balance my day by providing  a range of web development services from large projects that include new custom website development to small tasks on existing websites and website maintenance.

New Website Development

Hire me for full website development services. I build custom websites from scratch and WordPress website development.

Existing Website Changes

Do you have an existing website that needs rebuilt, upgraded or new programming added? I take on these types of jobs.

Website Maintenance

I provide website support services for regular maintenance. I also fix websites that break when they are not regularly maintained.

What Other Services Do I Provide? Lots.

Hiring a Freelancer

What I do - and Don't Do.

I’ve heard horror stories from people contacting me with terrible past experiences of hiring a web developer online.  Web designers that can’t complete a job, they take your money and run,  or won’t give you a copy of your code and database.  I understand hesitation when you need a website and are trying to hiring someone you’ve never met face to face.

  • I require a contract - to protect the both of us.
  • I expect good communication throughout the entire project.
  • I form long term relationships with my clients.
  • I complete projects and maintenance requests quickly.
  • I'm determined and dedicated to solving problems.
  • I don't commit to any project I can not complete.
  • I don't take on more work than I have time for.
  • I don't own your code - you do.
  • I don't make excuses and not get work done.
  • I don't sell you website services you don't need.

Outsourcing to an experienced freelancer saves you time, frustration and money.

Web Development Portfolio includes PHP & MySQL sites

I’m not a graphic designer, but a web programmer. Showing you projects I have built is tricky because you can not “see” my work. I design databases and code websites to make them  function.  Database design and development, form processing, user registration and login, search engines -are examples of what I mean by function.

I partner with graphic designers to bring together what a website looks like and what it does, to build a complete and functional website.  The web designs you see in my portfolio, are not my work. How the website functions is what I am trying to communicate.

website development services

About Me

Why Partner With me?

When you hire me, you get a professional website consultant that will provide technical services to properly design, develop, host and maintain your website.

Face it, there is no “web developer store” that you can walk in to get someone to help with your website.  It can be a challenge to search for a web developer online. Search engines are cluttered with ads, and big companies monopolizing the top of the search results. Searching a global database on job boards to potentially hire someone is time consuming to say the least.

I have worked on hundreds of projects that include: custom web development, new work on existing websites, website redesigns, rebuilds, WordPress development & theme customization, website maintenance and consulting to fix website problems.


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