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People hire me to build, fix, manage and maintain their websites.

Web Development Services

Website Programmer + more

I'm more than a web programmer. I offer custom web development services on both a large and small scale, design and develop web databases, code applications, host websites, debug issues, and manage/maintain them. I am a technical resource for small business owners that need web development services but don't have a need to hire a web development company or hire a full time web developer.

Custom Web Development Services

I specialize in website development services to require back end programming. I build custom, database driven websites with PHP/MySQL. I build new web applications from scratch, and also work on existing custom websites. I rebuild existing website that are outdated and need upgraded.

WordPress Development Services

My expertise in the technical side of WordPress development. Custom theme development, security, optimization, upgrades, maintenance are WordPress development services I provide. I'm available for ongoing WordPress support, or just a one time fix.

Website Maintenance Services

Problem solver, website fixer. I love a challenge. If you need help with your website like errors, been hacked, infected with a virus or is offline, I offer website repair services to fix any website problems you need help with.

Hire a Freelance Website Programmer

People sometimes are hesitant to contact me because they feel their project is too small. I balance my day by providing  a range of web development services from large projects that include custom website development to small tasks on existing websites and website maintenance. Contact me to discuss what you need.

New Website Development

Hire me for website development services. I build websites from scratch and custom WordPress websites .

Existing Website Changes

Do you have an existing website that needs rebuilt, upgraded or new programming added? I take on these types of jobs.

Website Maintenance

Website support services for ongoing maintenance. I also fix websites that are broken, insecure or need upgraded.

What Other Services Do I Provide? Lots.

Hiring a Freelancer

What I do - and Don't Do.

I’ve heard horror stories from people contacting me with terrible past experiences of hiring a web developer online.  Web designers that can’t complete a job, they take your money and run,  or won’t give you a copy of your code and database.  I understand hesitation when you need a website and are trying to hiring someone you’ve never met face to face.

  • I require a contract - to protect the both of us.
  • I expect good communication throughout the entire project.
  • I form long term relationships with my clients.
  • I complete projects and maintenance requests quickly.
  • I'm determined and dedicated to solving problems.
  • I don't commit to any project I can not complete.
  • I don't take on more work than I have time for.
  • I don't own your code - you do.
  • I don't make excuses and not get work done.
  • I don't sell you website services you don't need.


about hiring a freelance web developer

Most of the websites I build are some form of a content management system (CMS).

Any database driven website can be considered a CMS since the content is stored in a database and managed through web based tools. 

WordPress is a popular open source CMS.  I mainly build  WordPress websites or code custom websites with PHP/MySQL. I build everything from simple HTML sites to complex web applications.

I am an individual, not a team of freelance web programmers. When you hire me, you work with and communicate directly with only me.

I have lived and work remotely in Virginia Beach, VA USA  for over 20 years.

Virginia Beach is on the most southern tip of  east coast, just north of the Outer Banks, NC.  It is the largest city in the state of Virginia, but people are more familiar with neighboring cities like Norfolk and Richmond.

I support local clients in Hampton Roads including Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, but working remotely, most of my clients are spread across the USA. I take on international clients too.

The term web designer is used somewhat loosely to describe anyone that builds websites. 

Web design implies how a website looks.  I am NOT a graphic designer. I do not design graphical elements that go on a web page.

I focus on the technical side of building websites – specifically related to website code.  I build websites, and take care of all code related aspects of building a website.  Database design and development, PHP programming,

I have been building websites since the late 1990’s. I worked in the corporate world on a team of web programmers before going out on my own to be come a freelance programmer in 2005.  My strengths lie in back end programming and database design and development using PHP MySql.  Problem solving and code debugging along with website security and technical SEO are other areas I have experience.

Once a final payment has been made, the code is yours.  I have had many people come to me that can not gain access to their code or database, and or their web designer is now trying to charge them excessive fees for a backup of their website.  I simply don’t work this way. 

I accept checks, bank transfers, PayPal and credit cards. I send all invoices over email that include a link for you to pay securely online.

Easy. Get in touch to start a conversation. If your project fits my skill set and we communicate well together, I will provide a quote to build your website. If you accept, I will send a contract clearly defining what will be done and and invoice for a deposit to get started.

Are you looking for an answer about web development services I offer? Ask me so I can include it here for others to see.

Outsourcing to an experienced freelancer saves you time, frustration and money.

Web Development Portfolio includes PHP & MySQL websites

I’m not a graphic designer, but a web programmer. Showing you projects I have built is tricky because you can not “see” my work. I design databases and code websites to make them  function.  Database design and development, form processing, user registration and login, search engines -are examples of what I mean by function.

I partner with graphic designers to bring together what a website looks like and what it does, to build a complete and functional website.  The web designs you see in my portfolio, are not my work. How the website functions is what I am trying to communicate.

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