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I provide professional web development services to small businesses, individuals, graphic designers, web designers through freelance programming remotely. Review developer recommendations from my clients and take a look around my programmer website to view web development services, and website projects I have completed in my web developer portfolio.
With 20 years experience as a freelance web developer, I will provide to you a lot more than just web programming. You will be hiring an experienced website consultant that will answer your questions about website development and guide you through the whole process of building a website.

Web Development Services

Web Development Services

Web development services I offer include:

Professional custom web development is done by me. Hiring a freelancer vs a web development company, you have no project manager, and no outsourcing programming to effect communication during your web development project.

PHP Web Development

As a web programmer, I use the server side scripting language PHP  along with MySQL databases to create websites. With PHP programming, just about any functionality you would need built into your website can be coded.

I have built hundreds of PHP websites ranging from single page websites to large scale custom PHP web applications.

WordPress Developer

You can hire me for WordPress theme development and other WordPress development services.

If you need a professional WordPress developer, consider hiring freelance help for all levels of WordPress support.

Web Database Development

Are you looking to build an online database website ?

I have coded numerous websites from scratch, starting with MySQL database design and development to build a custom coded database driven website.

I have designed web databases with 100+  tables, and also small web projects that only need 1 table to build the functionality needed for the website.

Website Maintenance

I offer monthly website maintenance packages, or you can contact me when you need website updates, fixes or a new web page added – no commitment.

“As needed” website maintenance  is perfect for small company websites where the business does not need a dedicated web programmer, but just need occasional website maintenance and support.

Quality Web Hosting

Can you afford for your website to load slowly, and be offline occasionally?

My goal is to provide high quality web site hosting to my clients in terms of performance, security and customer support.

You can purchase high quality web hosting from me that includes web development and hosting, domain management, free secure certificates and full support services.

Portfolio Website Examples

Review my online web developer portfolio to see examples of web programming I have completed. I have it broken down by projects including custom PHP programming, WordPress web development and
ecommerce web development
. Most of the work I do focuses on database driven websites, content management system websites, WordPress websites, and online stores.

Web Developer Portfolio

View a sampling of the hundreds of websites I have built as a freelance web programmer for small businesses, individuals and  startup companies.

Website Portfolio

WordPress Development

Many websites I build start with WordPress because it’s code is well maintained, optimized and quick to develop with. Building an website with an online database makes it easy to manage content.  Being a freelance WordPress developer I have  gotten to work on WordPress websites in all types of industries, gaining all kinds of experience.

WordPress Website Examples

PHP Developer Portfolio

Building custom websites with PHP and MySQL databases are my favorite type of website development. I create custom websites solutions that are unique to your company’s business needs.

PHP Programming

eCommerce Development

I provide eCommerce website development to build websites to sell items like physical products to ship, virtual products to download and member registrations.

If you are looking to build an online store to sell items with PaypPal, secure online credit card payments or something unique like a custom paid token system website, I can build it.

eCommerce Website Examples

Web Programmer Recommendations

I Do what I say + Deliver on time + Trustworthy and Dependable.

You can view more of my recommendations for website development here.

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Website Development

If you would like to find out what it would cost to hire a web programmer to build a custom website for you, request a free web development quote here. There is no “set rate” to build a website. Depending on the size, features and functionality the cost can range greatly. Providing me with clear details about your project will help me determine the best way to build your website, and provide an affordable web development quote to you. Hiring a professional web programmer will ensure your website is built with today’s code standards to be search engine friendly (SEO), load fast, be mobile friendly and secure.

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Looking to Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

Hire me to build your startup website, add new features to your existing website, help with WordPress and/or provide any type of website support you need.