Custom Web Development

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but had no knowledge building websites. What I got a that was much better than what I imagined.

Custom Website Development

Web Programming and Customization

Not all ideas fit into open source applications or pre-made web design templates and themes. That is where custom web development services become the solution.

Custom websites are typically coded to create a new unique idea or support the proprietary needs of your business.

Much of web programming is custom work, even if you start with WordPress or a prebuilt theme. 

I’ve logged tens of thousands of hours coding custom websites from scratch with PHP & MySQL and building custom WordPress sites with unique features and functionality.

If you can communicate your needs I can build a custom website for you.

Custom Web Development Examples

I work along side of web designers to code their custom web design and use server side scripting language PHP & MySQL database to code custom websites that are dynamic, database driven website solutions.

Texas Woodcarvers Guild

Membership Portal

This site was rebuilt from the ground up. It was custom coded to be able to handle their unique membership rules in their organization. Migration of all member information was part of this project.

Custom Cms Website Development

Startup Business

This web based business had a unique idea that was not being done anywhere else. It needed to be custom coded to build needed features. Multiple third party APIs were integrated to extend functionality.

Ecommerce Custom Websites

eCommerce Website Development

  • Online Stores with Products
  • Selling Services Online
  • Virtual Product Downloads
  • Paid Membership Websites
  • Online Class Registration
  • Recurring Billing Systems
  • Custom Order Forms

Custom Website Development:
Search Engines

  • mp3 Search Engine
  • Online Product Search
  • Business Directory Websites
  • Food & Wine Pairing
  • Stolen Watch Search
  • MLS & Vacation Rentals
  • Search and Rate Motorcycles
Motorcycle Search Engine Website Development
Custom Startup Websites

Custom Web Development:
Unique Startup Websites

  • Online Product Search
  • Business Directory Websites
  • Onboarding Process Websites
  • File Delivery Systems
  • Product Inventory Systems
  • Investment Auction Sites
  • Classified websites

Custom WordPress Development:

  • Custom WordPress eCommerce solutions
  • Directory websites
  • Class search and registrations
  • Intranets
  • Protected content membership 
Tank Manufacturing Website

How much does custom web development cost?

Custom is the key word here, meaning it’s unique, different and has not been done before.

You can’t use an online website builder like Wix or Weebly for a custom website when you need a database built and server side programming. It’s simply not their business model.

I’m often contacted with a 1-2 sentence description of work to be done and asked “What is the average cost for a custom website?” I wish I could code a custom website cost calculator, but its just not that simple. It takes me hours to ask questions to find out all of the details needed to be able to provide a cost for your custom website.

If you are serious about having a custom site developed, get in touch to request a proposal for website development.

Why hire a freelancer instead of a custom web development company?

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to gain experience by creating many types applications that span across many industries.  Every client I take on, I am challenged to learn about a new industry and find a solution to fit their needs. I’ve built applications ranging from financial auction websites to web portals for new start up businesses.

I have been building websites for over 25 years.I’m confident I can program a custom website to meet your project requirements.

What people say about hiring
freelance web programmer

5 Star Ratings

Freelancer vs Web Development Company

Hiring a freelance web developer over a web development company can be an affordable solution for a start up business trying to get a unique idea programmed. As an independent contractor, I simply don’t have the overhead that a web development company has. This enables me to keep costs lower to pass on to you.

Other Web Development Services

More than a back end programmer, I’m a website consultant and technical resource to build, maintain and provide support for your website.

Web Programming Php Mysql


Web programming to add dynamic, database driven functionality you need in your existing website.

Wordpress Cms Developer


Custom theme development, adding functionality, security and maintenance.

Web Consultant

Website Help

Expert problems solver. I fix any website problems from hacked sites to fixing code errors and updates.

Website Packages

Web packages

Full web development services to provide everything a small business needs to get online.

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