What is a custom website?

When hearing the term custom website, it can mean different things. It may be referencing hiring a graphic designer to create a unique web design. Or, it may refer to the website is coded from scratch rather than with a website theme or template.  It can also refer to the programming logic to build then functionality that meets your project requirements.

I had a potential client contact me, looking for a web programmer because he needed a custom website built.​

"I'm looking for help from a web developer – a web programmer and not a web designer. We need a website coder. Most "website specialists" seem to claim they have this experience, but we have come across many using pre-coded sites. We need a custom website built and need someone with the technical experience to put it together."

I thought this was a good description to communicate his needs. I am a web programmer, not a graphic designer. My expertise focuses on web programming with PHP and MySQL databases to code the functionality needed in a website. I hand code all programming logic, and design, develop and build web databases from scratch to meet unique  project requirements.

Why Build a custom website?

Even though custom web development is my primary skill-set (and favorite type of website to build), I do not always recommend coding from scratch when it does not make sense for the project .

Compare custom web development to starting with a blank page and then writing all of the code needed to build logic for a unique concept. Often websites can be started using open source software (like WordPress) to then customize it to fit your needs. Sometimes it is more effort (or overkill) to try to make project requirements fit into open source software. That’s when a custom website is a good option.

There is no reason to “reinvent the wheel” when code is available to do what a project spec defines. This saves development time and money in your web development budget.  WordPress is my “go to” solution for building about 75% of the new websites I build. I can build custom WordPress websites ranging from directories, product catalogs, eCommerce websites, member registration systems… I start leaning toward custom web development when your requirements will create more effort to accomplish in WordPress than custom coding.

Custom Web Development Services

I have been building websites since the late 1990’s. Freelancing has given me the opportunity to be able to create unique applications that span across many industries. Most of the custom sites I build center around content management systems (CMS websites). This consists of design and development of a web database, building password protected back-end admin tools to manage the content.  Then through programming logic, displaying the content on the front end of the website.

Examples of Custom Website Development

It starts with a unique idea you have. A website is then designed and developed with functionality and logic that you can not get by customizing "off the shelf" software.

ecommerce custom websites

eCommerce Websites

  • Online Stores with Products
  • Selling Services Online
  • Virtual Product Downloads
  • Paid Membership Websites
  • Online Class Registration
  • Recurring Billing Systems
  • Custom Order Forms

motorcycle search engine website development

Search Engines

  • mp3 Search Engine
  • Online Product Search
  • Business Directory Websites
  • Food & Wine Pairing
  • Stolen Watch Search
  • MLS & Vacation Rentals
  • Search and Rate Motorcycles

custom startup websites

Unique Startup Websites

  • Online Product Search
  • Business Directory Websites
  • Onboarding Process Websites
  • File Delivery Systems
  • Product Inventory Systems
  • Investment Auction Sites
  • Classified websites

Absolutely great value for my cost investment. I’m here to thank and praise Adrienne. My project required not only developing a website but also sorting through the programming of my previous site which was written by another programmer. She had to navigate old programming languages and manipulate old databases in addition to adding a number of new features. I am grateful not only for her talent but also for her pleasant demeanor and insightful guidance in development. Could not be more pleased and our clients regularly comment on the clean and efficient website experience.
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Hire a Freelance Web Developer

Hiring a freelance web developer over a web development company can be an affordable solution for a start up business trying to get a unique idea programmed.  As an independent contractor,  I simply don’t have the overhead that a web development company has. This enables me to keep costs lower to pass on to you.