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Custom Web Development

custom website programming

Recently I had a potential client contact me, needing a custom website:

“I’m looking for help from a web developer – a programmer and not a web designer. We need a website coder. Most “website specialists” seem to claim experience, we have come across many using pre-coded sites. We need a custom website and need someone with the technical experience to put it together.

I thought this was a good description to communicate their needs.  What was so good about it is that it sums up the services I provide.  I am a web programmer, not a graphic designer.  While I do use pre-coded professional themes when it fits the project (this applies to the web design part of a website), I focus on custom web programming with PHP and MySQL databases to code the functionality needed in a website. I hand code all programming logic and design and develop web databases to build them from scratch to meet the project requirements.

I do recommend integrating 3rd party solutions when it makes sense. There is no reason to “reinvent the wheel” when code is available to do what is need already.  This saves development time and money from your budget on overall development costs.

Custom Web Development Services

Custom Websites

While all websites are essentially custom websites, I am referring here to custom web development services. This includes programming functional logic and database design and development to build a custom website from scratch.

Examples of custom web development I have built include classified websites, investment auction websites,  file delivery applications, search engine websites, custom product management systems, real estate applications, job application websites. View more in my web developer portfolio to see custom website examples.

Custom CMS Websites

Most custom websites I create are a CMS website solution . I develop custom tools to perform CRUD actions on content in the database to the exact requirements of your project.

Much of the work I do is through WordPress as a CMS. Sometimes open source solutions like WordPress are overkill, or simply aren’t a good fit. That’s when I recommend a custom CMS.

eCommerce Websites

Custom eCommerce development solutions goes beyond an online store.  I  have built many different types of custom eCommerce websites ranging from selling services, virtual product downloads, physical products that need shipped, and paid memberships systems.

I offer affordable eCommerce development services like custom order forms, recurring billing systems ,online class registration…

You can see eCommerce development solutions I have coded here.

Affordable Web Development Solutions

custom website

Custom Website Development Services

Custom website development consists of starting from scratch. Compare this to starting with a blank page and then writing all of the code needed to build logic for a unique concept. Often websites can be started using open source software (like WordPress) to then customize to fit you needs. Sometimes it is more effort (or overill) to try to make project requirements fit into this. That’s when a custom website is a good option.

What’s Your Website Budget?

I usually start off an initial website consultation with asking a client what kind of budget they have. Often people are hesitant to provide a number.  They say they don’t know.   I can’t provide an affordable solution if I don’t know what they can afford.

There are many ways to approach web application development. Knowing the budget up front enables me to write a website proposal that is realistic for you.  Consider purchasing a home. The first thing a realtor will do is get you prequalified to determine how much you can afford.  They don’t want to waste their time showing you homes that are out of your budget. I prefer to take the same approach so I do not waste my time or yours presenting a solution that is unrealistic.

affordable web development solutions

My goal is to provide an affordable website solution for you.

Hiring a Freelance Web Developer

Hiring a freelance web developer can be an affordable option when building a website. I simply don’t have the overhead that a web development company has. This enables me to keep costs lower to pass on to you.

I support small business owners, (this includes small company to mid size companies), freelance web designers, graphic designers and personal website owners with all aspects of the web development process.

My main focus is on back end programming, but am experienced with all levels of technical website management. If you need domain registration, web hosting, secure certificates, I provide support services for this too.  I do not provide front end services like web design or social media marketing.

Custom Web Development Services

There are a lot of parts that need to come together to completely build a web application. I understand that you don’t know all of the technical details,  just like you will understand that I probably don’t know much about your industry. I will guide you through the web development process of building your website. Get in touch with me to discuss your project.

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