WordPress Maintenance Plans

WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress support and maintenance services combine website hosting and maintenance into a monthly package to keep your site running fast, secure and error free.

Website Hosting and Maintenance Packages

web hosting, code updates, and security monitoring

When you package WordPress monthly maintenance & web hosting together, I guarantee your site won’t get hacked.

This makes maintaining WordPress completely hands off for you.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Web hosting services described above are included in all plans. Support packages can purchased annually, or month to month with no long term contract. WordPress maintenance packages required web hosting services through Voila Web Solutions LLC. WordPress maintenance agreement terms 

Note: most small business websites fit into this pricing structure. Factors that may effect it include: the size of the site (number of pages), number of plugins, what type of functionality you have built in. (eCommerce, membership systems…) Your website will be reviewed and you will be notified if extra work is required to maintain it.

I'm so confident your site won't get hacked with monthly maintenance services that if it does, I will fix and further secure it for FREE


Monthly WordPress maintenance is recommended because WordPress core code and plugins are released daily. The best way to keep your WordPress site secure is to keep code updated.

Hackers can sneak in through a vulnerability at any time. With ongoing maintenance, I manually review source code for suspicious file and files that have changed every month to catch problems early.

With a monthly maintenance plan your site is monitored all of the time. You don’t have to think about it- ever.


I guarantee your website won’t get hacked if you host your website through my company and purchase monthly WordPress maintenance services.  If your website is hacked, I will fix it for free.

I offer this because I am that confident that the security measures I take will keep your site safe.

If your website is hosted through another company, I do not provide this guarantee.  I do not have full control of the hosting service, so I can not control all possible points for potential security issues.

No long term contracts. You can auto pay month to month with recurring billing,  or pay annually.

No. I make a full backup of your website and then install a copy. I make all changes and test on the copy first. If all is working as expected, I then apply them to your live site.

No. People outsource WordPress maintenance to me, I do not turn around and outsource it somewhere else.  All work is done by me, all communication about your website maintenance is directly to me, all web hosting support is handled by me.

I am located on the coast of Virginia, USA.

Sorry, but I do not offer WordPress maintenance plans that do not include hosting.

It’s is to much effort for me to to manage websites on other hosts that I do not have control over.

I can’t guarantee my services when the web host can be a source of a vulnerability.  

It is too time consuming for me to have to go through another hosts’ support system and wait for answers, when I have full control to do everything I need on my web servers.

Of course! I offer both WordPress development and maintenance services. I can built a simple 1 page website that you can edit content easily, or a highly customized eCommerce website with WordPress. (and everything in between) Beyond new development and maintenance,  I am have years of experience in the following areas : Contact me to discuss more.

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