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Do you need to hire someone to fix your website?

I’ve logged thousands of hours debugging website code. Hire an expert to diagnose and repair your website by fixing all kinds of website issues.

Examples of issues I can help you fix on your broken website:

broken websites

Not secure websites

website hacked or malware

Database connection errors

website is down/offline

website is slow

If you don't know what's wrong beyond you have a broken website, no problem.
Click the "Fix My Website" button to get started.

Get Your Website Fixed Now

Decades of experience makes me an expert when it comes to website repair services.

Hire me to quickly fix website errors and repair just about any kind of website problems from security issues like hacked websites to upgrading PHP, and WordPress maintenance plans so you never have to deal with WordPress issues again.

If I can’t repair your site, I don’t send a bill.

So, get help with your website now, by filling out this form.

Adrienne was very helpful at quickly identifying the problem with our website and repairing it while staying in our budget. She did more than was required by helping to optimize our website after getting it running again.

Website Repair Request

Website Repair and Maintenance

For any website owner, having a website repair expert on standby when you need website help is invaluable.

Fix Hacked Website

Hacked Websites

Web Database Development

Code & Database Errors

Fix A Not Secure Website

Not Secure Website

Wordpress Cms Developer

WordPress Problems

Website Performance

Website Won't Load

Website Speed Optimization

Slow Websites

Web Programming Php Mysql

Outdated Code

Web Consultant

Any Website Help

Why hire me to repair your site?

Almost daily someone contacts me saying “I need help with my website”.  It’s broke, showing errors, offline, I can’t access web pages…. 

Face it, finding a website repair company is a specialized niche. There simply are not a lot out there.   People hire Freelance Web Programmer because they can fix just about any type of website problem.

You're an absolute miracle-working life saver!! Wow! I really thought there was no hope for recovering our website. Thank you so, so much!

Professional Services

I know how to fix websites. I troubleshoot and solve problems all day, every day and fix problems quickly.

Broken website- no problem

I fix everything from not secure messages to code problems and hacked websites. (especially WordPress bug fixing).

Working Remotely

There is no need to be onsite for website repair or web maintenance services. All work is done remotely from Virginia Beach, VA. All I need is access to your website code. Concerned about sharing logins? Read more about website logins here.

What does it cost to fix a website?

Fixing a website is solving a puzzle.
Having all of the pieces when you start makes it significantly easier to solve. Help me fix your  website issues faster by providing as much detail as possible.

Save money
by saving me time

Website break because of all kinds of reasons.

Tell me as many
details as you can

Usually there is a trigger and/or timeline.

Communicating to me recent events will help me troubleshoot and repair your site faster.

  • Has your host made changes?
  • Have you made code changes?
  • Have you moved to a new host? 
  • Did the problem start recently, or you don’t know?
I ONLY BILL HOURLY for website repair services. I may be able to give a general estimate, but there are many factors that I can not see until I am working in the code.

Website Problems

I need to be able to duplicate what you are seeing. So you need to communicate to me as much information as possible.  The faster I can troubleshoot the problem, the faster I can fix your website issues. 

The faster I can do my job, I am saving you money.

Tell me what is wrong with your website.
Communicate specific details so I can duplicate the problem.
What has changed on your site recently?

Finding a company to fix your website isn't easy.
It's a niche service that requires a lot of experience.

When you need to hire someone
to repair your website where do you look?

Google is a good place to start. Searching for website repair services or website fixing company, returns a lot of results. You will find Freelance Web Programmer shows up at the top of the search results for many phrases (and for related services like getting help with your website, website maintenance, fix SEO problems and WordPress expert to name a few)

Get help on your website now by hiring an expert problem solver
 to debug and fix any type of website issues.

I troubleshoot websites all day long and can fix just about any type of website errors on self hosted websites.

If you have code errors showing on a web page, it doesn’t look professional. Some errors are simple to troubleshoot and fix, like how to fix a 404 error on your website or website suspended messages. Fixing a website security certificate error requires more effort.

Beyond the actual error, a bigger concern is that you are showing information that should be secured (like  your server file paths or database names). Hackers will exploit this information, making your site vulnerable to being attacked.

If you don’t know what to look for, you can spend all day trying to find the source. An experienced programmer can find and fix code errors quickly.

Yes, located in Virginia Beach, VA on the east coast.

Location doesn’t matter though, all work is done remotely with communication over email, text, phone calls and Zoom.


Freelance Web Programmer is a “one-(wo)man -show”.

You communicate directly with me and I do all of the work. 

No website repair services are outsourced.

You can learn more about me here.

 I can fix any type of MySQL error on your website.

If you have website database errors, at a minimum your website is not functioning properly, worst case your website is not loading at all.

A common database error that people hire me to fix is  “Error Establishing a Database Connection”.  This means the code can not “talk” to the database.  There can be a couple of reasons for this, one is an easy fix, the other can be a bigger problem.


If you have a secure certificate but are still seeing not secure errors, then part of your page is not loading on a secure connection.  Hire me to find and fix why this is happening.

Fixing “Not Secure” website errors is important for the credibility of your website and business. If you have an eCommerce site, it needs to be priority to fix. 

Website errors leave a bad impression for your users. A lot of them will leave and not come back. 

If you don’t have a secure certificate, you need to purchase/install one. 

If you have one, your website code needs to be configured properly to load it. 

Hire me to identify the issue and  fix not secure website errors.

Did you buy (or get a free) SEO audit report that was full of errors and recommendations?

An audit report will identify SEO issues, but then you need to fix them.

Hire me to review your audit report and prioritize what items need to be addressed and the optimize your site. 

SEO is definitely not an “exact science”. Often SEO audit reports are a computer generated analysis that are making generalizations of recommendations that may not apply to your site or industry.

My SEO skills focus on the technical side of SEO, related to errors in the code and content on your website. If you have a SEO audit report and don’t know what to do with it, I can help you optimize your site.

Much of the work I do centers around WordPress repair services.

If  you have any WordPress errors, I will debug and fix them.

Everything from:

  • WordPress site not loading properly
  • Repairing WordPress database connection errors
  • WordPress is hacked and you need malware removal
  • WordPress code bug fixing
  • Any type of WordPress help or ongoing support.

So if you searching to find who can fix your WordPress site, you’re in luck.

Hacked Websites

If you’re not sure how to fix a hacked website, you’re in luck. Cleaning hacked websites and then properly securing them so they don’t get hacked again is one of my specialties.

Fixing Hacked WordPress Websites

Most of the hacked websites I fix are WordPress websites. If not properly secured and maintained, WordPress will eventually get hacked. People forget that website code is software. It needs to be maintained regularly.

I talk about things you can do to secure WordPress here. I offer proactive WordPress maintenance plans to prevent your site from getting infected with malware. I also clean hacked websites and secure them to protect them moving forward.

No Gimmicks

I do not offer “unlimited malware removal” plans like some website fixing companies do because my goal is to fix the source of your website’s weakness so it does not get hacked again. Not bill you to clean it each time it gets hacked. 

Yup. There are lots of reasons why a website is down.  Contact me with a link to your site so I can review what’s going on.

Slow websites are frustrating. Optimizing your website for speed is important to rank higher in Google and get users to stay on your site longer.

  • It’s important to Google.
  • It’s important to users.

If you use a CMS like WordPress to manage your website content, you want the admin tools to be fast.

  • So, it’s important to you too.

Most people that contact me about their slow website want to know “Why is my WordPress site so slow?” 

WordPress is not slow by default. There are a lot of factors that can make your site load slowly.

I specialize in debugging and fixing slow websites and fixing why your site is so slow.

There is not a straitforward answer why your website is loading slowly.It takes time to review, analyze and find the source. If you hire me to work on your WordPress website, I know I can make it faster.

Read more here if your website is loading slow.

When people contact me because their website crashed, they are usually in a bit of a panic. Take a deep breath, we will work together to get it fixed.

If you have a current website backup, I should be able to get your site online quickly.

If you don’t have a website backup, getting a crashed website back online can be a challenge. Sometimes the only option is to rebuild.

If you are not currently making regular website backups. You should do this now.

If you don’t know how to make a backup of your website code and database, you can hire me to do it for you.

If your website is not using a mobile website design, you should put this on your priority list for website updates. 

Mobile website design has been around for almost 15 years. Google started penalizing websites in 2015 that are not mobile-friendly.

Technology changes so fast on the Internet. If your site hasn’t been redesigned since this became popular, you have other outdated technologies to address too. Read more about website redesign services.

If your site is coded to be mobile-friendly, but you have some issues, I can fix these for you.

Troubleshooting WordPress Problems


The best way to avoid website problems moving forward is to maintain your website! I provide WordPress maintenance packages for many clients to keep their website running its best, all the time.

Quick WordPress Fixes

Hire a Website Repair Expert

A wealth of experience expedites solving website problems.

25+ Years Experience

Debugging code issues is not something that can just be Googled to get a fast answer. It takes experience to be able to identify problems and fix them fast.

Problem Solver

Fixing website errors can be a challenge. Digging into another programmer's code to try to figure out what it is supposed to do in the first place can take effort.

Cost to Repair Website Problems

While I can provide an estimate to repair your site once I gain access to your code, I only bill hourly to fix website issues. Often fixing one problem and then show new issues that I can not possibly see up front.

Website Repair Services

What people say about freelance
website repair services

5 Star Ratings

Avoid Having to Fix Your Website

The best way to avoid website problems is
to maintain your website by keeping it updated all the time.

A website maintenance plan keeps your website up to date to prevent code problems and keep your site secure from getting hacked.

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