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expert website repair services

Website Repair Services

I’ve logged thousands of hours fixing websites and providing website maintenance services. I love a challenge to debug and solve problems.  When you hire me,  I work remotely from Virginia to track down and fix website problems you have. 

How to get Website Help

I have logged thousands of hours coding websites.  Part of a website developer’s job is figuring out and fixing website problems. Years of experience enable me to quickly identify the source of website problems.

Hiring me to fix your website is simple.

  1. Fill out this form. Include a link to the page with the problem, and a detailed description of what is wrong. The more details you provide, the quicker I can get a website fixed.
  2. I will follow up quickly, asking for any additional information I need to understand what needs repaired.
  3. I will provide an estimate for what it will cost to fix your site.
  4. If you want to proceed, you will then send me your website details securely through this form.
  5. I get to work fixing your site.
  6. Once work is completed, I send you an invoice over email that you can pay securely online.
  7. If you are happy with the repair services provided, I would love for you to post a review of my services on Google.


Website errors are generated for all kinds of reasons. It could be due to your website getting hacked or infected with malware, code updates, server modifications like server upgrades, or moving your website to a new host. 
I find and fix all kinds of website problems.

Get Your Website Fix - Fast

I can fix your broken website. The more details you provide, the faster I can fix it. Include a link to the web page and describe the website error.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Don’t Panic, I Can Fix Your Site.

Help Me Fix Your Site Faster

The more information that you can provide to me, the faster I can debug and fix your broken website.  If you don’t tell me these things initially, it is going to waste time with me having to reply back to you and wait for your answers.  Remember, I did not code your website, I know nothing about it until you tell me.

Good Communication

By supplying me with this type of information, it will help me to get familiar with the problem quicker, saving time and money.

Broken Website?

Don't panic. If your website is broken, I can fix it.

Not secure website errors leave a bad impression to your users. A lot of them will leave and not come back.  If you don’t have a secure certificate, you need one.  If you have one, your website code needs to be configured properly to load it.  Hire me to fix not secure website errors.

I can identify and fix any type of WordPress problems. View my page on WordPress repair services here.


If you have code errors showing on a web page, it doesn’t look professional. Some errors are simple to fix, like how to fix a 404 error on your website. Fixing a website security certificate error requires more effort.

Beyond the actual error, a bigger concern is that you are showing information that should be secured (like  your server file paths or database names). Hackers will exploit this information, making your site vulnerable to being attacked.

If you don’t know what to look for, you can spend all day trying to find the source. An experienced programmer can find and fix code errors quickly.

If you have  website database errors, at a minimum your website is not functioning properly, worst case your website is not loading at all. I can fix any type of MySQL error on your website.

A common one is  “Error Establishing a Database Connection”. This can be fixed pretty easily.

Did you receive a website SEO audit report full of errors? I will review your audit report  and prioritize what items need to be addressed.  Often SEO audit reports are computer generated analysis. 

My SEO skills focus on the technical side of SEO, related to errors in the code and content on your website.

I do provide search engine optimizations services to improve your rankings too.

Cleaning hacked websites and then properly securing them so they don’t get hacked again is one of my specialties.

Most of the website security issues I fix are with WordPress websites. If not properly secured, WordPress will get hacked. People forget that website code is software and it needs to be maintained regularly.

I talk about things you can do to secure WordPress here. I offer proactive WordPress maintenance plans to prevent your site from getting infected with malware. I also clean hacked websites and secure them to protect them moving forward.  

I do not offer “unlimited malware removal” plans like some companies do, because my goal is to fix the source of your website’s weakness so it does not get hacked again.



Yup. There are lots of reasons why a website is down.  Contact me with a link to your site so I can review whats going one.

Speed optimization for websites is important. It’s important to Google, it’s important to users. If you use CMS tools to manage your website content, a fast website is important to you too.

Most people that contact me about their slow website want to know “Why is WordPress so slow?”  WordPress is not slow by default. (My website you are viewing is running on WordPress. It is not slow. I specialize in debugging slow WordPress websites and fixing the problems. There is no simple answer, it take time to review, analyze and find the source. If you hire me to work on your WordPress website, I know I can make it faster.

If your website is just loading slowly the reason why will be different than if “it is taking to long to respond”. Read more here if your website is loading slow.

When people contact me because their website crashed, they are usually in a bit of a panic.   Take a deep breath, we will work together to get it fixed.

If you have a current website backup, I should be able to get you back online quickly.

If you don’t getting a crashed website back online can be a challenge. Sometimes the only option is to rebuild. 

If you are not currently making regular website backups. Go do this now. If  you don’t know how, you can hire me to make a backup for you.




If your website is not mobile friendly, you need to put this at the top of your to do list.  Google started penalizing websites in 2015 that are not mobile friendly. This technology has been around for almost 15 years. The way to make your site mobile friendly is to rebuild it. Technology changes so quick on the Internet, if  you site hasn’t been redesigned since this became popular, you have other outdated technologies to address too.  Read more about website redesign services I offer.

If your site is coded to be mobile friendly, but you have some issues, I can fix these for you.




Fix My Website - Website Repair

Website Repair Expert

 Years of experience can expedite me solving a problem in 5 minutes that may take you hours to figure out. Experience doesn’t mean I always can solve a problem quickly though. Fixing website errors can be a challenge.  Digging into another programmers code to try to figure out what it is supposed to do in the first place can be quite a challenge. Because of this I bill for fixing website errors and hacked websites at an hourly rate. Its impossible for me to quote a flat rate to fix since I don’t know the issue until I can get into the source code to see what’s going on.

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