Website is loading slow

Website Loading Slow?

Time is money. A slow loading website, your users will leave.

If you Google: “my website is loading slow”, you will see lots of blog posts on how to fix a slow loading website and reasons for slow loading websites. If you’re a DIY or have lots of time to learn how to diagnose the actual cause of your website loading slow, great.

If you found my site though, you are probably looking for a professional service provider to hire to fix your slow loading website.

Why is My Website Slow?

There are lots of reasons why a website may be loading slow.
Website code optimization is usually not factored into a website proposal. Its adds costs to new website development and people are always looking to keep costs down. Once the website is up and running, addressing things like website speed optimization and search engine optimization to further improve the site often happens during a next phase of development. Over time, existing websites can get bloated as development is done piecemeal, technologies become outdated, servers need upgraded... A website is always a work in progress! Ongoing website maintenance should be a priority for every website owner.

Hire me to your slow website

Hire a freelancer
I will evaluate your website speed, pinpoint the source of your slow website and fix it.

Website Speed Test Tools

You can do a quick check on your website speed to rule out a problem with your Internet connection. These free tools will hit your site and then tell you how long it took for the page to load. There are lots of other free (and paid) tools out there. These are the most popular and do their job well.
speed test results