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Custom Web Solutions

Hiring a Web Database Developer

If you need to design and develop an online database for a web based application, consider hiring a freelance database developer and PHP programmer. I work with a free online database; MySQL, in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment to build searchable, data driven websites.

Clients hire me to design and develop web databases to build a custom website.  Clients also hire me to take their current offline database and turn it into web based database application.

Hire me for

Web Database
Design & Development

Small business owners hire me when they need a database developer to build an online databases to connect to their website.

Web Database Development

Database Driven Websites

Online databases add functionality to websites. This makes for a better user experience and easier for you to manage.

Database Development

Database Development

PHP & MySQL programming communicate with each other to create interactive applications. I design and code web databases to store, search and display any type of data.

Database Design

Database Design

Custom websites start with designing and building a database to properly store your content. I have built single table database designs and up to a hundred+ tables that interact with each other.

Online Databases

Offline to Online Database

Bring your business to the web- I will take your offline database or spreadsheet and build a functional website with a searchable database and tools for you to mange the content.

Website Support Services

Database Errors

Problem solving is a task I do every day. I have many years experience with code and database debugging to solve database errors.

Wordpress Cms Developer

WordPress Database

I can fix any type of WordPress errors (code or database). From the common "error establishing a database connection" to any other database errors.

Hiring a Database Web Developer

 You can have a website without a database, but you can’t have an online database without a website. Custom built websites typically require a database, so you need the expertise of a database web developer to properly design, build and then integrate it into the website. 

The term back end developer refers to a web developer that also has experience with creating databases. I am a back end developer, database developer and web developer.

I’ve built numerous websites with searchable databases. Some examples:

Working as a freelance database developer means I have the opportunity to design and develop web databases for unique start up ideas and proprietary business rules across many industries. This gives me the opportunity to gain so much more experience that working for a single company. I build custom websites from scratch and highly custom WordPress applications.

if you need to build a website with a searchable website, get in touch to discuss your project.

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