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I have a major server problem at GoDaddy and my site is down. The database connection is broken. Can you fix it?

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Hiring a Web Database Developer

If you need to design and develop an online database for a web based application, consider hiring a freelance database developer and PHP programmer. I work with a free online database; MySQL, in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment to build searchable, data driven websites.

Clients hire me to design and develop web databases to build a custom website.  Clients also hire me to take their current offline database and turn it into web based database application.

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Web Database
Design & Development

Small business owners hire me when they need a database developer to build an online databases to connect to their website.

Web Database Development

Database Driven Websites

Online databases add functionality to websites. This makes for a better user experience and easier for you to manage.

Database Development

Database Development

PHP & MySQL programming communicate with each other to create interactive applications. I design and code web databases to store, search and display any type of data.

Database Design

Database Design

Custom websites start with designing and building a database to properly store your content. I have built single table database designs and up to a hundred+ tables that interact with each other.

Online Databases

Offline to Online Database

Bring your business to the web- I will take your offline database or spreadsheet and build a functional website with a searchable database and tools for you to mange the content.

Website Support Services

Database Errors

Problem solving is a task I do every day. I have many years experience with code and database debugging to solve database errors.

Wordpress Cms Developer

WordPress Database

I can fix any type of WordPress errors (code or database). From the common "error establishing a database connection" to any other database errors.

Hiring a Database Web Developer

 You can have a website without a database, but you can’t have an online database without a website. Custom built websites typically require a database, so you need the expertise of a database web developer to properly design, build, and then integrate it into the website. 

The term back end developer refers to a web developer that also has experience with creating databases. I am a back end developer, database developer and web developer.

I’ve built numerous websites with searchable databases. Some examples:

Working as a freelance database developer means I can  design and develop web databases for unique start-up ideas and proprietary business rules across many industries. This allows me to gain so much more experience than working for a single company.

If you need web database development on your existing PHP/MySQL website, or need a new website built from scratch, schedule a consultation to discuss.

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