MySQL Database Developer

Hire a professional freelancer to design, develop and then integrate a database into a custom website. Web based database development services with PHP & MySQL. 

Mysql - Online Database

Online Database Developer

If you need to hire a database developer to custom code a website, consider hiring an freelance database developer and PHP programmer. I work with a free online database; MySQL, in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment to create interactive, data driven websites.

Clients hire me to design and develop web databases to build custom web applications.  Clients also hire me to take their current offline database and turn it into web based database application.

Web Based Database
Design & Development

Small business owners hire me when they need a database developer to build an online databases to connect to their website.

Web Database Development

Database Driven Websites

Online databases add functionality to websites. This makes for a better user experience and easier for you to manage.

Database Development

Database Development

PHP & MySQL programming communicate with each other to create interactive applications. I design and code web databases to store and retrieve any type of data.

Database Design

Database Design

Custom websites start with designing and building a database to properly store your content. I have built single table database designs and up to a hundred+ tables that interact with each other.

Online Databases

Offline to Online Database

Bring your business to the web- I will take your offline database or spreadsheet and build a functional website with tools for you to mange content.

Problem Solver

Database Errors

Problem solving is a task I do every day. I have many years experience with code and database debugging to solve problems fast.

Wordpress Cms Developer

WordPress Database

I can fix any type of WordPress errors (code or database). From the common "error establishing a database connection" to any other database errors.

Database Development Examples

Freelance web and database development means I have the opportunity to work with many different people with unique ideas in different industries. This gives me the opportunity to gain so much more experience that working for a single company. I build custom websites from scratch and simple or  highly customized WordPress applications.

  • Customer Management Websites
  • Classified Websites
  • Search Engine Websites
  • Online Product Databases
  • Member Registration Websites


  • Product Catalog Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Project Management Websites
  • Bid Management Websites
  • Property Management Websites
  • Landlord – Tenant Management
  • Real Estate Database Websites
  • Online Document Databases
  • Class Registration Websites
  • Portal Website Development

Hiring a Freelance Database Developer

Database Web DeveloperHiring a freelance database developer means you will work/communicate directly with me. I do not have a team of programmers and I don’t outsource database development to others. 

I ask a lot of questions up front when designing a database so I will fully understand the purpose of your website and the functionality needed. I can’t stress enough the importance of thinking through what you need the website to do now, and where you see it going down the road.

Hire an experienced MySQL database developer to ensure the back end of your website is designed properly. This will save complications down the road.

Contact me for a free consultation to design and develop a web based database for your website.