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Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Development

Working as a freelance WordPress developer for almost 15 years I have gained experience with many different types of WordPress development. I can deliver just about any custom WordPress development service you need. was first created as a blogging platform. It has since evolved into a powerful CMS system. Content management systems simplify managing the content on your website through browser based tools. This means you don’t need to depend on a web developer to edit source code for content changes.

WordPress CMS Development

I  have worked with other content management systems, but eventually left them all behind to only build websites with WordPress.  Using WordPress as a CMS is a great option to build just about any type of database driven website application.

Whether you are in a hurry and need a new small business website built quickly, or a large scale e-commerce website application, it’s a great solution.

Working on literally hundreds of WordPress websites, I have gained experience building many different website concepts.

Simple CMS Websites with WordPress

WordPress is an affordable web solution to get a new small business website built quicker and with more functionality that a simple HTML website.  The main benefit of using WordPress for a new starter website is that you, the client, can easily edit the content once the website is built. With new startup websites, there are lots of “tweaks” in the beginning. Being able to edit the content easily without having to send multiple change requests to a web developer makes this process much easier. Other functionality like a blog or adding portfolio items an be set up quickly with a default WordPress installation. Whatever features you need, I can suggest an affordable website package for your budget.

Larger Scale Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is built to be able to add unlimited functionality into it.  I have built many small scale and larger scale web applications with WordPress.  Here are a few examples of what is possible.

  • Event calendar websites with paid registration through PayPal.
  • Online company job board for a staffing company.
  • eCommerce WordPress online stores with many products and custom product options
  • Online product catalogs that you can search by type, brand or search a distributor database.
  • Product catalog websites.
  • Company Intranet websites.
  • Online Class registration websites

WordPress Development Services

As a freelance WordPress developer, I provide custom WordPress development services, WordPress maintenance and support.

These support services range from new WordPress websites, WordPress theme development and customizations and also smaller projects like page speed optimization and WordPress security issues.

Wordpress Theme Development

Custom WordPress theme development consists of a web designer creating a layered psd of your web design. This is then coded into a WordPress theme and incorporated into the code.

Custom WordPress theme development can also be defined as taking a pre built WordPress theme and customizing it in any way you need.  If you have an exact vision of what your website should look like, I usually recommend having a web designer create your web design and then have a theme created.  Making a lot of changes to a pre-built theme can become expensive. Sometimes can the basic structure may not be able to accommodate your needs.

I provide both WordPress theme customization service and working with your web designer to create custom WordPress themes from a .psd

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance is simply a part of running a WordPress website.  There are ongoing release to core WordPress code and plugins that require updates to address new features, bug fixes and protection from vulnerabilities.

Even though WordPress has an easy interface to edit page content, some clients still prefer to have me update website content for them.

You can read more about WordPress maintenance services and pricing here.

Securing WordPress

Out of the box, there are WordPress security issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t secure it, you will eventually have a hacked website.

Securing WordPress vulnerabilities can be addressed with out much effort. I provide WordPress security services to clean virus infections in your website and also provide services to secure your WordPress installation so you don’t get hacked.

Take a short quiz to see if you need to do some work securing WordPress on your website or review this WordPress Security Checklist to see if you can improve your WordPress security.


WordPress Help

Since there is such a huge user base of developers building with WordPress, you can find an answer to just about any WordPress problem if you dig a bit.

Not everyone has the desire or the time to research their WordPress problems. I provide WordPress help and WordPress support services for many clients. I am available as needed to address WordPress problems you may have.  I have years of experience debugging WordPress and can fix WordPress errors for you quickly.

WordPress Website Development

Are planning making a new website and are not sure if WordPress is the right solution? Contact me so we can discuss the details of your website project.  I am more than just a WordPress programmer, I am a WordPress consultant that will guide you through the best way to build your website. More often than not, I recommend WordPress for website development over a custom web application. This will save you development time and costs from your website budget.

Sometimes custom web development makes more sense. If it will take more effort to customize WordPress (i.e. by coding  a complex plugin), it may be better to build a custom website solution. Consult with a professional WordPress web developer to find out what would be the best approach for your project.

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