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WordPress Speed Optimization Service

“Out of the box” WordPress is not configured for speed.  Add a bloated theme, a ton of plugins and low budget shared hosting – it’s a recipe for “Why is my WordPress site so slow?”

Speed Up WordPress

There are lots of reasons why WordPress can have performance problems. Often it is not one thing, but an accumulation factors.

Why Is My Wordpress Site So Slow?

Most site owners don’t think about a website as software.

They are built with code and a database that can get infected with malware, hacked, have bugs that need patched, need updates all the time, need upgrades and outgrow services.

Once your site is built, there is an ongoing need to keep it updated. Many web design companies don’t always communicate this.

Brand new websites typically don’t have performance issues. Code is fresh, database is optimized, there is not much traffic to the site.  Because of this, WordPress designers often don’t include speed optimization services as part of the web development quote. (I always do)

Over time, existing websites can get bloated as development is done piecemeal, technologies become outdated, servers need upgraded… A website is always a work in progress! Ongoing website maintenance needs to be a priority for every website owner. 

Most websites I work on to troubleshoot and improve website speed are due to the website being neglected for a long time.

Wordpress OrgOpen source WordPress.org software is not slow.  It’s what an inexperienced “WordPress website designer” or DIY site owner does (or does not) do to a default installation that creates problems. Anyone can promote themselves as  WordPress designer/developer. But clicking a couple buttons for a 5 min install, importing a demo theme and a bunch of plugins that you may or may not use can create a lot of performance problems.

No one wants a slow website. It’s annoying for you, your users (and Google) when your web pages load painfully slow.

There are lots of reasons why your site may be slow. I have almost 20 years of experience working with WordPress from a programming perspective. I will methodically troubleshoot WordPress speed problems to get your site loading faster.

Can't I just use a plugin to speed up WordPress?

While there are definitely some very good plugins to help speed up WordPress, a plugin does not analyze your site as a whole to identify the source of why your site is running slow.  There are different optimization plugins that target different areas of your site.  Optimization services by an experience developer will troubleshoot your web pages loading slowly and then install and properly configure plugins that will actually help your situation.  

Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

Optimization Services will make a difference.

If you’re a DIY or have lots of time to learn how to diagnose the actual cause of your website performance problems, great.  You need to troubleshoot to diagnose issues, and then figure out how to address the problems to make improvements.

If you found my site, you are probably looking for a WordPress speed optimization expert/professional to fix issues for you.  Many factors that can cause performance problems. I will analyze your website, identify factors causing problems, and fix or make recommendations for changes (if they are out of my control) to help your site load faster.

Tips on How to Speed Up a WordPress site

There are many technical reasons why WordPress may be running slow.  These require experience to identify and optimize.  Here are a few simple tips that anyone can do without being a speed optimization expert .

  1. Use a quality web hosting company. If your web hosting service is slow, your website will be slow no matter what you do to optimize it.
  2. Optimize your images.  Resize and compress your images before you upload them.  Then use the right size on your webpage that matches how you want it to display (don’t squish it by setting a width in the HTML)
  3. Install a caching plugin. When you cache files, the browser does not have to load every files on the web page each time it is requested.
  4. Keep WordPress updated. WordPress core and plugins release constant updates. On top of bug fixes and security vulnerabilities, updates also improve performance.

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