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Are you trying to move your site to a new host and don’t know how to migrate your WordPress website? Or your web design handed over your new website code to you and said migrating WordPress onto your host was not part of your agreement.

By hiring an experienced WordPress developer to migrate your site, the process will be stress-free for you, potentially saving you downtime and hours of frustration communicating with web hosting support.

I’ve logged 1,000s hours developing WordPress sites and migrating them. If you don’t do it right, your website can go offline, and email service can get disrupted. Not good for business.

Work with a WordPress expert that will take care of moving your website to a new host, along with dealing with the domain DNS issues that go along with it.

WordPress Migration Checklist

There is a lot to consider beyond “moving files” to successfully move WordPress to a new host with no downtime or disruption to your search engine rankings.  Having a process in place that you can check off each step ensures a successful transfer.

Full Backups

A full website backup is generated before getting started. This ensures the site can quickly be rolled back in case problems would arise. 

Domain Name

To complete a migration to a new host, DNS records need to be updated for web hosting and potentially email too. Before this update, the site is fully tested on the new host.


Your website transfer is complete after DNS updates and the site is tested again.  Consulting is provided to make sure you cancel the right services at your old host.

Migrating vs Migrating to WordPress

WordPress migration services offered here are to migrate your WordPress website to a new host. i.e. Migrating WordPress to Godaddy, or migrating WordPress from Bluehost. 

This is different than migrating your website code to WordPress like Squarespace to WordPress migrations.  This would be considered converting to WordPress.  Get a quote to convert to WordPress.

WordPress Migration Service

Migrating WordPress typically means you are moving your WordPress site to a new host. You are physically moving your website code, content, database to a different web hosting company.

Migrating TO WordPress

Migrating to WordPress means that you are rebuilding your website code.
When the migration is finished, you will have a new website.
Migrating to WordPress may or may not require a change with your web hosting provider.


Experience. I’ve successfully migrated hundreds of WordPress sites to new hosts.

Most likely.  I say this because if files or databases are lost/deleted, I can not do magic and make “something from nothing”.

If you have a copy of the code and database, AND the needed logins to complete a website migration, then I am confident I can migrate your website.

Every website is different, along web hosting companies.

Some web hosting companies can be more difficult to work with than others.  

I need to evaluate your unique situation to then provide a quote to tell you what it will cost to migrate your website.

Absolutely.  Many people contact me and want to get away from their current web hosting provider like GoDaddy or Hostgator due to the site loading slow or web hosting support does not respond.

I would need to review your current site and hosting plan to make an appropriate recommendation of a service that will fit your needs.  

Contact me so I can review your specific web hosting setup.

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