WordPress Management Services

A freelance WordPress management service provider is the perfect solution for small business owners to keep their websites updated and secure.

Hire a WordPress Expert

Hire a WordPress expert to manage your WordPress code to keep your website updated and secure


A secured WordPress installation makes a big difference with the odds of getting hacked. The best time to do this is during setup.

Remove Malware

I've cleaned hundreds of infected WordPress sites. Hire me to remove virus and secure your site so it doesn't happen again.


Updating code plugins can be as easy as a click of a button- or it can break your site. Hire an experienced WordPress developer.


Hire me for any type of WordPress support from code maintenance, theme customization and new development.

WordPress Management Services

Examples of  how I will manage your WordPress website

Ongoing Website Management

Compared to other website code, WordPress is “high maintenance” with updates available all the time for bug fixes and security vulnerabilities.

 Hire me for ongoing WordPress support
to keep your website updated and secure.