WordPress Management Services

Managed WordPress Solutions

WordPress management services mean you don’t have to worry about:

  • web hosting services
  • code updates (core, plugins and themes)
  • keeping your site secured from getting hacked or infected with malware

You still have full control of your website hosting control panel (cPanel) and code, but don’t have to be concerned with monitoring and maintaining the site daily.

These tasks are completely hands-off for you.

Would you like your website to just "run itself"?

While that is technically not possible, having a website manager take care of the technical side of running a website is the next best thing. Monitoring, maintenance and updates are take care of in the background.  So you don’t have to think about it.- completely hands off.


Properly securing WordPress and then keeping it updated is how to keep hackers out of your site.

WordPress Hosting

Business grade VPS hosting is fast, secure. Paired with phenomenal support, manage WordPress hosting is an obvious solution.

Securing Wordpress


WordPress needs updated all the time. Updating code and plugins can be as easy as a click of a button- or it can break your site.

Monitoring & Support

Server monitoring, speed optimization, offsite backups. Things you aren't even aware of are all managed ongoing.

WordPress Management Services

Examples of  WordPress management

WordPress Freelancer

Freelance WordPress management services are a perfect solution for small business website owners to keep their site updated and secure.

WordPress is
"high maintenance"

Compared to other website software, WordPress is required more effort to keep it up to date.  Updates are released ongoing for bug fixes and security vulnerabilities in plugins and WordPress core code.

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