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Small Business Website Packages

Bundled into

Affordable Website Solutions

Website Development for Small Business

Freelance Web Programmer specializes in small business websites.

Most small business owners do not have a need for an in house website developer with knowledge to build a website and properly manage it ongoing. Nor do they have the budget for a web design agency to manage their site for them.

Most small business owner recognize they need to have a website to help their business, but don’t have the time or expertise to build and manage it themselves.

Freelance Web Programmer is a professional service provider catering to small businesses.

Website packages offered here include: website design and development, quality small business web hosting, website maintenance and overall website management.  You essentially have an on call website consultant when needed when you hire me for small business website development.

Keeping on top of current technology, like selling only mobile friendly, responsive website packages and providing a free secure certificate with web hosting services keeps your site secure and gives your small business a professional online presence. You don’t have to think about it, its all covered.

Since 2005 small business web development has been our focus,  building long term relationships with hundreds of small business owners. Read what people have to say.

Examples of Website Development Packages

Business Website Packages

I build business websites of all sizes, large or small scale targeting features businesses need.

WordPress Website Packages

WordPress websites are a great solution for websites that add/edit content regularly.

eCommerce Website Packages

I can create ecommerce website development packages to fit your project requirements.

Starter Website Packages

Just getting started? I  can build a new simple website for you quickly.

Custom Website Packages

Custom websites are my specialty, if you can communicate your needs, I can build it.

Website Maintenance Packages

I offer website maintenance packages to keep your site updated and secure ongoing.

Keep it Simple

Get online Fast

I offer website packages to bundle website features (beyond design and development). This simplifies the website development process for my clients.  My goal is to help small business owners that know nothing about website development, build a web presence with minimal frustration.


Frustration Free

I find small business owners (and anyone building a new website) are overwhelmed with trying to understand website development terminology and technology.  By packaging all of the parts needed to build a professional website it simplifies the process for my clients.  I keep it simple for you, but still have flexibility to cater to your website needs.

Small Business Website Packages

People contact me saying  “I need a website for my small business.” Beyond that they don’t know exactly what they need. I provide website consulting services to develop a website you won’t outgrow as your business grows.

With any small business,  keeping costs down is important. My goal is to provide an affordable website solution, taking care of everything you need to get online with a professional web presence.

Website Development Package Features

Website design – custom design or from a starter theme
Web development and programming
Private domain name registration and management
“Business Grade” secure web hosting
SSL certificates for website security
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website Maintenance

Affordable website packages do not mean CHEAP.

It means I work within your budget to create a website package
that matches what you want to invest to the project.

website packages

Website Package Features

Website development packages I offer bundle domain registration, secure web hosting services,  SSL certificates and overall website support. Defining a web site package to create a cookie cutter website design and development package is nearly impossible with all the factors to consider.  Website design and development is quoted separate and then packaged with other services you need.

Any of the following will effect package pricing.

  • If you need a new website
  • If you need to redesign a current website
  • If you need custom web design
  • If you need a logo designed
  • How many pages you need
  • If you need content management (CMS)
  • If you need a blog
  • If you need an ecommerce website
  • If you need custom web programming


See how complicated this quickly gets?

Website Package Pricing

Determining what is affordable for you is the first step in getting website pricing (just like getting pre-qualified for a loan). Additional features like web hosting, domain registration and ongoing website maintenance vary per client since these services could be purchased through me or on your own (or not needed at all).  Click on the build my package button to select features you need to build a website to match your needs and budget. If you are just getting started and need a really cheap website package, consider this starter website.

Website Pricing Guidelines

Here are some general website pricing guidelines to give you an idea what I may charge to build a website. It all comes down to the project details though. Domain registration, web hosting and web management can be pulled into a website development quote to build a website package for you.

$1,500 – $2,000
Information based WordPress website that you can edit content.  ~10 pages,  customizing a professional theme could fall in this price range.
$2,000 – $6,500
Database driven websites including custom web development, WordPress and/or eCommerce website package could fall into this range.
Websites in this range are custom builds, including custom web design, database development and web programming to match your proprietary business needs.

Website design pricing can range significantly, just like buying a car. To ask what a website costs without providing details to define a starting point will give you a price range like you see between a Ford and Mercedes.

When you go car shopping, you  have a general idea of what you want to (and can afford) to invest.  Providing me with what you can afford to invest in your website will allow me to present a web design package that you can realistically consider.  Wasting your time and mine by me guessing your needs benefits no one.

Keep in mind, website development is a never ending processes, your website will continue to grow with your business.
I have many long term clients that I have been providing web hosting and ongoing website development services for years.
I want to help you get started and build a long term relationship with you too.

Ready to get website package pricing for your project?

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