Freelance Web Developer FAQs

Read Web Development FAQs that many clients have asked me about website development services, and working with a freelance developer.

If you are looking to hire a freelance web developer, hopefully I can answer some of your questions below. If you don’t find answers you’re looking for, please contact me and we can discuss your web development needs.

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Do I work in a support role for websites that I did not build?

Yes, I do. I build new websites and also provide website support and new website development on existing websites that I did not originally build.

How long after a web design is delivered will the site be ready to review?

It depends on the complexity of the project, your timeline requirements and my current workload. My goal is to deliver work quickly to you so I can move on to my next project.

When hired for a website project, am I working exclusively on your project?

Being an independent, sole proprietor and  freelancer, I have a large base of clients that I provide ongoing website support as needed. Because of this I can not guarantee that I will work solely on your project. Based on delays from clients with providing feedback and materials that I need to complete a job, I would be I would be out of business if I took on one project at a time. (I don’t get a regular paycheck, my income is dependent on a project completed.)

How do I Invoice and accept Payments?

I use Freshbooks to send electronic invoices. I accept payment via check, Paypal, or credit card. On larger projects, I require a 50% deposit and then milestone payments during the web development process. For ongoing piece meal work, I timetrack and bill hourly on the first of each month.

Do I offer Refunds?

I offer non-tangible services. Once we scope out the needed project requirements and you sign a contract, there are no refunds for services offered.  I will deliver what we agree to. If there is a bug in the functionality, I will fix it.  You can read more about my refund policy here.

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I hope I answered some of your questions about website development and hiring a freelance web developer to work no your website. Please contact me if you have any additional questions or would like a website quote.