Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Developer

Web Developer specializing in the technical side of building websites

Hi, I’m Adrienne, a PHP programmer and web developer based in Virginia Beach, Virginia USA.

I started a business as a freelance web developer in 2005.  I work remotely and have hundreds of clients across the USA and worldwide.

I support small businesses nationwide with website development, PHP/MySQL programming, web maintenance, hosting, and just about any type of technical support you need. (website repair, domain issues, migrating websites…)

As web development consultant, I am here to hold your hand from the planning stages, through development, testing, deployment and ongoing support and maintenance.


I’ve been building websites since 1996. I started in the corporate world and transitioned to freelancing when my first child was born. 

When I left the corporate world, I was using freelance job board websites to acquire clients. I found that large scale freelance websites were not the best solution for me. I’m glad I got away from them.

These days they are so flooded with spammers, auto submitting bids that it’s almost impossible to find real people that are qualified to the work.

When I built my freelance web developer website, I learned about keyword research and organic SEO (still learning). The website traffic I receive from search engines due to these efforts has paid off significantly. I have not acquired work from bidding on freelance websites for many years.

At the beginning of my web development career, I spent 8 years as a web programmer for a popular national online classified website company.

I worked alongside a team of graphic designers, database developers, and product managers. When I left, I transitioned to working remotely from home as a freelance web developer, and never looked back. (I had 20 years of experience working from home before COVID hit.)

I love freelancing and staying away from the stress of meetings, workplace bureaucracy, and daily commute through our horrendous traffic. (If you live anywhere near me in Hampton Roads, VA you know what I mean!)

Why Hire Me?


I’ve worked in a corporate setting and for hundreds of clients as a freelancer.


I deliver what we agree to. Projects are delivered both on time and on budget.


I want happy clients. My reviews speak for themselves. 


Problem solver. I love the challenge of finding solutions to build and fix websites.

Web Development &
Website Support Services

Web Programming Services

I am a backend developer, meaning I focus on the server side programming to build functionality into websites.

I design and develop online, web based databases to create functional and interactive websites.

I work with WordPress – from new website development to ongoing website maintenance and technical support every day.

Website Maintenance Services

After your site is live, I provide support to keep it updated, fast and secure. Specializing in WordPress code maintenance services.

Development, content management, domains, hosting. I can manage all aspects of your website so you can focus on your company needs.

Hand-held support. “Business grade” VPS hosting services means fast and secure web hosting. Your site is fast and available all the time.

Good as the BEST – better than all the rest ! Absolutely great value for my cost investment.

Website Development

Developer vs Web Designer
vs Graphic Designer

A web designer is often used as a general term to describe anyone that builds websites.  I design and build websites, but my focus as a back-end programmer or developer means I focus on the technical side of coding web pages, fixing errors, troubleshooting issues, creating the graphic design of what a web page looks like.

I build web sites. People refer to this generally as web design. I could be called a web designer, but I am not a graphic designer.  

I have helped hundreds of small businesses from website support to large scale database driven web applications.

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