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Good as the BEST – better than all the rest! Absolutely great value for my cost investment. My project required not only developing a website but also sorting through the programming of my previous site which was written by another programmer.

Hire a PHP Programmer

Outsource PHP Development

I am an independent PHP programmer, working remotely from Virginia on the US East Coast.

Not a PHP development company with project managers and teams of developers, but a freelance PHP programmer with 20+ years of experience coding with PHP/MySQL.

I can code, upgrade and debug just about any website built with PHP.

Outsourcing PHP web development to a freelancer makes sense for many small businesses. You have an expert on hand, while saving you time and money of hiring a PHP programmer full or part-time.

Website Development

Custom PHP Programming

I work directly with clients that hire me for PHP development. I also work with  B2B companies like web designers, graphic designers and marketing companies that outsource PHP development to me to support the technical side of services they offer.

New Websites
  • startup ideas
  • proprietary business rules
  • unique programming features
Existing Websites
  • add new functionality 
  • troubleshoot and fix website problems
  • updates and upgrades 

PHP Web Development
with MySQL database

PHP & MySQL go together. When you hire me for PHP programming services, you are also hiring a MySQL developer, experienced with designing and developing web based databases.

Freelance PHP Programmer & Web Developer

I build complete websites and build just about any functionality into a website that you already have coded with PHP/MySQL by another PHP developer.

Some examples of custom web applications I’ve coded include:

  • Order Delivery Systems
  • User registration and membership websites
  • Unique auction websites
  • Custom search engines
  • Portal websites

MySQL Development

Web programming and database go hand in hand.  Almost all clients that hire me for PHP programming services also need website database development services.

Whether a 1 table database or 100+ tables, I will design and build a relational database to create a custom web application to fit your needs.

PHP Upgrades

If your website is built with PHP/MySQL, keeping it up to date is a part of website maintenance that a lot of people overlook.  

Web hosting accounts need PHP upgraded as new versions are released. Your web host does not maintain this for you. 

As PHP versions are released, code may need to be upgraded to support depreciated or removed functions.

Outsource PHP upgrades for a seamless transition with no downtime.

Programming Support

A big role of a PHP programmer is new web development. Another significant part is providing programming support services to debug code problems.

Websites are software.  Overtime, websites break,  get outdated,  and need upgraded.

Consider me a virtual website tech support expert. I provide as needed programming support like WordPress bug fixing to any type of website repair related to website code, database errors, technical SEO and even DNS and web hosting issues.

Why Outsource PHP?

Working exclusively as a freelancer and online PHP programmer, my success is based on performance and expertise. You can expect to get quick responses from me and quality website development services delivered to you.

What people say whey they
outsource PHP development

5 Star Ratings

About 80% of websites on the Internet run on PHP (including WordPress).

Most websites do not need dedicated full time PHP developers to keep the site up and running though.

Freelance PHP developers are needed all the time for short term projects like new startups,  adding features to existing sites, upgrading old outdated websites and troubleshooting all kinds of website errors that pop up. Outsourcing PHP programming is a great solution for small businesses.

I’ve been developing websites with PHP/MySql for 20 years. Hire me on a per project basis for custom database driven websites,  website upgrades, small programming tasks and troubleshooting code problems.

I fill this niche, providing an affordable solution for small businesses needing an experienced PHP programmer to work on their website.

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