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I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but had no knowledge building websites. What I got a that was much better than what I imagined.

Freelance eCommerce Consultant

eCommerce Developer

When you hire me for eCommerce development, you get more than just code written and a website delivered. I provide eCommerce development consulting services to properly plan and build your website.  If you need after-support for extending development and maintenance, I do that too.

Most people looking for a website developer are overwhelmed by the available options and deciding what features to consider when planning an eCommerce website. I will help you determine the best approach for your project.

eCommerce Development Services​

eCommerce (or electronic commerce) is the term used to define taking payments over the Internet.

As an eCommerce developer, I build websites that have functionality take online payments through credit cards, PayPal, Stripe or ACH bank transfer.

eCommerce does not just mean an online store.An online store sells products (physical, downloadable or virtual) or services online. But other examples of eCommerce include paid registration to access a website or register for and pay for events, or recurring billing services.

I have built many eCommerce web applications – both custom coded and with open source applications like WordPress/WooCommerce. Consult with me to determine the best solution for you to accept payments online.

Website Development Ecommerce

eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce is a general term. Working as a freelance programmer, my focus is on eCommerce software development. I have built many types of eCommerce websites beyond the traditional online store.

  • Online Stores  Selling products online is probably the first thing you think of when you hear the term eCommerce.
  • Paid Membership Websites – When registering on a website members are charged a one time or recurring fee to access the website
  • Token System Websites – Users need to purchase tokens (or credits) in order to then make purchases on the website.
  • Pay Invoices Online – a single page form to collect a payment.
  • Accept Donations Online – a single page form to accept donations
  • Order forms – Simple order forms for an event, ie pizza orders
  • Online Event Registration – sign up and pay online to reserve a spot at an event.

I work almost exclusively with WordPress and Woocommerce when building eCommerce websites.  I think it’s the best eCommerce solution for small businesses (and large volume websites)

Best Way to Sell Your Products Online

I can’t stress enough to think through what you need before jumping in! There is a lot to consider when building an online store.

  • Will you be selling a physical product (.i.e. t-shirts, photographs…) or virtual goods (i.e. services, software…)
  • How many products will you have? If many, how do you intend to get them into the website? ie. manual data entry, import from a file, migrate from another website…
  • Are there specific features/functionality that you need that are unique to your product? (i.e. wholesale/retail pricing, product customization, international shipping…)

What's the best platform to sell online?

There is no single best eCommerce platform to recommend because there are so many factors that need to be considered. The type of products you sell, your budget and amount of time you want to invest in maintaining an eCommerce site are things to consider. 

Working with a freelance eCommerce consultant from the planning stages of your website can get you the answers you need so you make the right decisions early on.

eCommerce Portfolio

Examples of different types of eCommerce sites built by Freelance Web Programmer.
Examples include traditional online stores, to complex custom portals.

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