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eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Development Solutions

As a freelance eCommerce web developer, I do more than just write code and deliver a website. I provide eCommerce consulting services to properly plan and build your website. Most people looking for a eCommerce website developer are overwhelmed at all of the options available and all of the features you need to consider when planning an eCommerce website. I will help you decide the best approach for your project.

What Is ECommerce?

eCommerce (or electronic commerce) is the term used to define taking payments over the Internet.  So an eCommerce website has the functionality built into it to take payments online. Common ways to accomplish this are through electronic  bank transfers, credit cards or PayPal.  An online store sells products (physical or virtual) or services online. Other forms of ecommerce may be paid registration to access a website or register for and pay for an event online.

Types of eCommerce Web Development

I have coded many different types of eCommerce websites, here are a few examples of work I have completed.

  • Online Stores – Selling products online is probably the first thing you think of when you hear the term eCommerce.
  • Paid Membership Websites – When registering on a website members are charged a one time or recurring fee to access the website
  • Token System Websites – Users need to purchase tokens (or credits) in order to then make purchases on the website.
  • Pay Invoices Online – a single page form to collect a payment.
  • Accept Donations Online – a single page form to accept donations
  • Order forms – Simple order forms for an event, ie pizza orders
  • Online Event Registration – sign up and pay online to reserve a spot at an event.

You can view more eCommerce examples in my website portfolio.

Best Way to Create an Online Store

I can’t stress enough to think through what you need before jumping in! There is a lot to consider when building an online store.

  • Will you be selling a physical product (.i.e. t-shirts, photographs…) or virtual goods (i.e. services, software…)
  • How many products will you have? If many, how do you intend to get them into the website? ie. manual data entry, import from a file, migrate from another website…
  • Are there specific features/functionality that you need that are unique to your product? (i.e. wholesale/retail pricing, product customization, international shipping…)

Different Approaches to eCommerce Website Develoment

eCommerce Website Builder

There are many DIY eCommerce website builders out there. You pay a monthly fee and are given access to their tools to build your online store. This is a great, simple setup to get your store online quickly.

Consider though, your website is hosted on their web servers, and you do not have access to the source code or full database. If they decide to shut down service, you are stuck having to find a new provider and get your website migrated somewhere else. If you want to cancel service and move somewhere else, can you get all of your store data like products, photos and orders?  Not having full control of the website is a big issue to me.

Open Source eCommerce

Traditional eCommerce web programming requirements like organizing products in to categories and taking payments online with credit cards, or a payment processor like PayPal make starting with off the shelf solutions like WordPress Woocommerce or OpenCart are a great option.

You download and install the software and database on your web host. This gives you full control of everything (the code, database and all content). With the help of a web developer, code can be customized in any way you need. If functionality you need is not built in by default, it can be added through plugins or custom code can be written.

Custom eCommerce

Sometimes customizing off the shelf e-commerce software will not meet the needs of unique website requirements and it ends up being more cost effective to custom code e-commerce requirements.

Communicating to me the full details of your e-commerce project will enable me to understand your needs. I will be able provide the best recommendation of how to move forward on your project. The most successful projects I work on are when my clients have though through their needs before contacting me. The end result matches their vision, we stay on budget and code is planned out cleanly from the beginning.

Affordable eCommerce development services

Hiring a freelance eCommerce Developer is a great option to get quality eCommerce website development.