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Web Developer Recommendations

Are You Trying to find a Web Developer?

Trying to find a web developer online can be a challenge. Large freelance websites are overwhelming to try to set up an account. Then you have to filter through thousands of potential service providers.

I understand that hiring a freelance web developer that works remotely can be a hard step to take. Not all of my clients live near me in Virginia. Actually, most of them are spread across the USA. I have met very few clients in person. Take this into consideration when you read reviews of my services below.

Just like any professional service that you are looking to hire for a job, having a recommendation gives you confidence that you are hiring someone that will do the job well.

I take great pride in every website development recommendation  I get from my clients.   You can read these testimonials below and throughout my  website to see that I can be trusted to deliver, and will provide the best web development services that I can.

Web Developer Recommendation

Web Development Testimonials

Good as the BEST – better than all the rest ! Absolutely great value for my cost investment. I’m here to thank and praise Adrienne. My project required not only developing a website but also sorting through the programming of my previous site which was written by another programmer. She had to navigate old programming languages and manipulate old databases in addition to adding a number of new features. I am grateful not only for her talent but also for her pleasant demeanor and insightful guidance in development. Could not be more pleased and our clients regularly comment on the clean and efficient website experience.

Registrant Sportsanalyst

“We have been working with Adrienne Palmiere for three years and are thrilled with the results! Adrienne is smart, responsive and easy to work with. She’s on top of current technologies, and regularly offers up recommendations and explanations that help us make a better product. I have worked with a number of programmers and IT folks over the years, and appreciate most how Adrienne communicates in a straight-forward manner so not only do I understand what she’s talking about, but I can convey the same information to my clients.”

Jen P.

It is with pleasure to highly recommend Adrienne Palmiere. Adrienne is an exceptional web programmer. She has an excellent ability to effectively listen and to proceed with each task at hand, both large and small. She is available when needed and is extremely prompt. She completes what she tells you she will complete. Adrienne is detail oriented, well organized and excels with building web sites. She makes excellent recommendations when required. She also cares about her client, and takes the time to explain and answer questions and concerns.

Adrienne is an exceptional web programmer and a wonderful person to work with.

Shelley Antecol, Owner,

Finding Adrienne was a miracle. I had a horrible experience with my previous web programmer, lost time and lot of money. Adrienne is extremely honest and accurate. She communicates quickly and will make your site work at 100%. Adrienne’s prices are very reasonable; I really recommend Adrienne 🙂, John Charles White

As a start-up business, I can’t afford an in-house programmer, so I looked for a freelancer. I needed my website to high quality, and I wanted a programmer who could finish the job on time and on budget. Adrienne not only did that, but was also more like a partner—a great communicator who makes outstanding recommendations on how best to achieve my goals. I couldn’t be happier with the final product and the process of getting there. I will have many website updates as my business grows and I plan to hire Adrienne again., Tom Anstead

What a great find when I came across Freelance Web in a Google search. My job as Radio/TV and Online Video Producer requires me to hire contractors like Adrienne from time to time to keep me up with Technology. My search is over! I’m very picky about work product and I hit the jackpot meeting Adrienne. She is bright, quick, thoughtful, up to snuff on the latest technology, and best of all, patient. I would highly recommend Adrienne for any project that requires a deep knowledge of php coding etc. It’s hard to get a spot on my “A” team, Adrienne has made the cut with flying colors, and I believe will be a integral part of our success from here on out.
First Impression, Inc, R.J. Paradee

Finding Adrienne was the best thing that happened to our website. We couldn’t even find our website at one point and she found it and re-vamped the entire thing for us. We went from a generic text based webpage to having an interactive planroom for all of our clients to access. Now, instead of worrying about our website, we can focus on the tasks at hand. Adrienne is responsive, intuitive, and very reasonable on pricing. We would be lost without the help of her; we recommend her to anyone we can.

Faurot Construction Inc, Matt Disney and the entire team

Adrienne I am very pleased with what we have initiated here and appreciate very much the talent that you bring to the table. I am grateful to have found someone who can and does jump in and get it done. You have been very fair to us and I want you to know that I appreciate it very much.


Finding Adrienne was a most fortuitous occurrence. My website was infected with a virus and my site was being blocked by Google. As a small business it is imperative that you have a working website and I was without a working site for a period of 6 months. The hosting company said that the developers needed to change the scripting, the developers said that the site was not infected and that it was a problem with my hosting company. This went on and on until I came across Adrienne’s info on the web. I contacted her and within a matter of minutes, she was able to properly diagnose my problem and fix it! Her customer service skills are exceptional and her knowledge is unmatched. Now, instead of worrying about my website, I can put my energy towards focusing on my business. I strongly recommend Adrienne and I will definitely utilize her services whenever I am in need, she is what I call a web guru!

Amherst Healthcare, Isang Inokon

I have had 3 jobs now done by Adrienne and I couldn’t be happier.
Very professional service and always willing to help.
Definitely knows her stuff and always get a very fast and friendly response.
I’m sure I would use Adrienne again in the future and would be happy to recommend to all my friends if they were looking for a programmer.

Alan Buchanan

Adrienne Palmiere is a reliable, trustworthy and an extremely skilled freelance web programmer who has worked as an independent contractor for Candy for the past several years. Her ability to efficiently listen, understand, communicate, and execute requested adjustments to our e- commerce website is superior. Adrienne’s many years of programming experience in php mysql is recognized in the functionality, proficiency, and competency that is reflected in each completed task. As an independent contractor with low overhead, her ability to provide value based programming skills at a fair and reasonable price is an attractive alternative for small to medium sized companies that do not have the resources to employ a programmer on staff full time. I highly recommend Adrienne for any programming need and happily serve as a reference.

Candy Direct, Jim Esposito – Owner

We contracted with Adrienne Palmiere to create a calculator for our web site using php. It was a pleasure working with Adrienne as she exceeded all our expectations. She not only quickly created the calculator we wanted at a reasonable price but also stayed in touch with us throughout the process. View the calculator she created.

Multi-Patch, Inc, Darline & Ed

I was using another programmer for a while and spending too much money and not getting the results I wanted. I stumbled across Adrienne Palmiere and was impressed with her work and her problem solving skills as well as being affordable. I will never go anywhere else.

J.Zack Designs Inc., Jaclyn Czachorowski

I have worked with many freelancers in my career, but none of them compares to what Adrienne can do. She is the best of the best. She is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable in her field. Excellent worker and excellent programmer. Truly one of the best.

White Wolf Graphics llc, Jeff Carpenter

I cannot speak more highly about the services of freelance web programmer Adrienne Palmiere.

During the last year, she has been fully responsible for all programming code and maintenance of my website, This is not only a website, but also an involved e-commerce portal with significant security needs.

Adrienne built all code from the ground up, all the while perfectly coordinating implementation with my design team to best homogenize the site’s appearance and functionality.

I tried FOUR other programmers before luckily stumbling upon Adrienne by chance. What large firms COULDN’T accomplish in six months, Adrienne masterfully produced in two.

During my interaction with prior programmers, I developed a disdain for the myriad of excuses and lack of communication that is all too prevalent in the programming community. These problems were NEVER encountered with Adrienne. She is virtually always available, is incredibly reliable, and has gone above and beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. Adrienne has even gone as far as helping to EDUCATE me about what exactly she is doing to my site and why certain steps need to be taken, etc. She is not merely a programmer, but also a quasi business consultant with in-depth understanding of topics including but not limited to search engine optimization, data encryption, design, and hosting.

Adrienne is a professional business woman accustomed to working according to deadlines and delivering timely and detailed status updates. Additionally, she is incredibly fair regarding rates and billed time. I cannot overstate the importance of finding a professional and reliable programmer. Rest assured that you need look no further than freelance web programmer Adrienne Palmiere!

Brokerbuzz LLC, Russell Mikowski – President

I was introduced in 2012 to Adrienne Palmiere thru a web designer for one of my websites. I needed to make a web site for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5447 in Holly Oak Delaware. Adrienne worked with my ideas of what the Vets wanted in their web site. She made sure everything was perfect and all work was always performed in a timely manner. The site was loved and embraced by all…vets from WW II to the present..all ages. We also use the site for fund raising for the troops thru hall rentals at the local post. We had entered the VFW contest for the best web site and placed extremely high in the competition. Of course all the Vets at the Post expected our site to win after checking the quality of the winner…no comparison.

As fate would have it we had a problem with the site loading and found that Siteground had shut the site down without our knowing. They basically renewed our hosting without letting us know it had been shut down 2 months  earlier. Having absolutely no knowledge how to perform the required tasks to place my site back on line I thought “Adrienne”. I gave her all the passwords and logins to all my domain name hosting and web hosting. She checked everything thoroughly , resolved all issues plus is now hosting the site and making sure we are always safe and secure to prevent such an occurrence again. Obviously  Adrienne is not only one of the best in her field , she is very trustworthy which means everything these days. We are in the service business since 1895 and work in billionaires and multimillionaires homes and businesses. Trust is more important than skills in today’s world. I had no other recourse than to place Adrienne in charge of my companies website hosting and changes as well as preventing any problems or rectifying them if such does occur. And lastly her pricing is more than fair for the quality of services rendered.

Michael W Fontana Master Plumber, Master HVAC, Certified
Water Technologist, Certified Water Specialist , Patent holder

Before we met Adrienne we had major security issues with our website. After we met Adrienne there has never been a security issue with our website. Over the years she has been a pleasure to work with and has met all of our expectations regarding our website. It is my professional opinion to highly recommend Adrienne for all website services. Thank you Adrienne for all your work.

Dave Marshall

Adrienne was very helpful at quickly identifying the problem with our website and repairing it while staying in our budget. She did more than was required by helping to optimize our website after getting it running again. We will definitely get in contact again if we run into any other issues.

Sudachi Kun

We hired Adrienne back in 2007 and our site stayed that way until this year. Ten years had gone by and a lot of things on the Internet had changed. Thankfully, Adrienne updated our site and we can’t be happier. Her expertise is beyond words and her willingness to help and suggest ideas is phenomenal.

I was impressed within the first 15 minutes of reviewing our site and I’m still amazed at how well she works. One of her greatest assets is the ability to articulate ideas over emails. I can navigate my way around a computer with ease, but compared to her, I’m a novice.

Adrienne, I would recommend you to everyone that needs to build a website. Excellent job! Thanks., Glenn Long, Field Operations Manager, Wallace Tower Specialists

Adrienne Palmiere did excellent work for us. The price was great, her communication was prompt and professional, and she handled every question and concern right down to the last detail. I can actually say she made the process of overhauling my site…fun! I would recommend Adrienne Palmiere to anyone., Jason Shaw

A year ago, I did the stupidest thing in my life. (Well, one of the stupidest. I’ve done lots of stupid things.) We have two important websites, both of them blogs, one of which gets lots of international attention. I decided we needed to overhaul both our sites, and since our web designer was particularly busy at the time, and since I was looking for more “back end” work than design work, I began looking for a crackerjack programmer. I quickly found Adrienne Palmiere. I contacted her and asked her rates. She responded promptly, and noted her rates. I said I could not afford her. She wrote back, saying, “How do you know?” She then explained that she works very efficiently, rapidly, and with consummate skill. (Those are not her words; they’re mine.) Read More

Associate Professor of History (retired) Rutgers University, Calvin Luther Martin

Some people regard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as voodoo, a scam. I can confidently say it is 100 percent valid. Adrienne developed and SEO game plan for me, and it worked. Previously my site was ranking between pages 4 and 5 in Google’s search, but now it is ranking in 2nd or 3rd place on page 1. I’m ranking better than a lot of my competitors who have been around a lot longer than me. Thanks Adrienne!

Garage Mahal Recording, Rowan

Adrienne – you have been wonderful to work with. You’ve worked wonders with our new website. We have only compliments from our internal employees to our 120 +outside sales people. I was a bit hesitant working with someone “out of state” and via “internet”- Your communication skills, quickness of reply and accuracy sure proved me wrong. Thank you!!!

FC Lighting Inc, Anne

I really have to tell you how much of a pleasure it has been working with you (I know I mentioned before). It’s been nice not having to worry and wondering what I will need to tell my clients.

Web Design of Palm Beach, Inc., Robert Krausankas

I didn’t have time to maintain a current website myself nor did I need a full time designer so I sought after a freelancer. With so many scams among the Internet world I was a bit cautious. Thankfully I met Adrienne via a referral! Technically, she’s very competent but above all it’s her professionalism, responsiveness and high degree of integrity that I found refreshing. She’s a rare find and I highly recommend inquiring about her services., Vincent

Finding Adrienne was a blessing. I’ve had horrible experiences with previous web programmers such as missed deadlines, mediocre results, and lack of communication. Adrienne has all the attributes I was looking for in a web programmer. She’s extremely reliable and dependable. She communicates effectively and will make sure she understands exactly what you’re asking for. She takes pride in her work and it definitely shows. Finally, her prices are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Adrienne to anyone. LLC, Alan

I have been working with Adrienne for about a year now and she has been wonderful!! I love that Adrienne has always been on time with delivering my projects and updates to my site. Anytime I have any questions or requests she is excellent with getting back to me in a timely manner. I couldn’t recommend Adrienne enough!!

Marching Mutts, Maria Mikowski

Assurance. What a relief it is knowing that Adrienne is a simple e-mail away. Our OSCommerce store had some critical bugs that others were unable to resolve. One quick look by Adrienne resulted in two different options for resolution. Her professionalism, responsiveness, and most of all, her old fashioned ‘help the customer first, I’ll get paid later’ approach is truly refreshing. Her prices are very reasonable, her skill and knowledge is impressive, and the assurance of knowing she’s available to help; priceless! Thanks Adrienne!

Mary’s Quilted Memories, Mark and Mary Rufener

I feel so fortunate to have found Adrienne through a Google search. I had selected a web designer for my site,, but needed a programmer to bring the site to life. Adrienne truly delivered. She’s highly skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive, fast and professional–and reasonably priced, which is so important in this economy. I will use her again for my next site and recommend her to anyone I know who needs a top-notch web programmer.

author of Consumer Reports Best Baby Products, Sandra Gordon

I had purchased what I thought was a simple php script for my web form. Well, it didn’t quite do what I wanted so I spent the better part of a week trying to figure it out myself before looking for some expert help. I found Adrienne through a Google search for freelance PHP programmers and I’m glad I did. She took a look at the script and in about 2 hrs had fixed my problem. Very professional. Very much appreciated. I will definitely be using her services again.

Consumer Credit Advocates, Jason Wofford

I could not have asked to work with a better programmer for my site than Adrienne Palmiere. Her pleasantness and skill are second to none. After 5 months and speaking with three web page designers, I decided to contact Adrienne to help me on my project. She was able to miraculously complete my site for me in a matter of days!

All of us have worked with a professional that does not seem so professional when it comes to communicating. Adrienne was EXCELLENT! She responded to my initial consultation overnight, and it seemed even speedier there on out. She is an absolutely great person to correspond with, especially if you are working on a large project that may entail some stressful times.

The site, that Adrienne created for me works exactly as I had imagined. She was able to fabricate in hours what other ITM professionals told me would take months. I could not be more happy with the end result.

Besides providing me with a superior product, Adrienne was extremely reasonable and generous when it came to the cost. You definitely do not have to sacrifice the quality of your site to find a GREAT DEAL with Adrienne!

Believe me when I tell you, if you are looking for a professional and reliable programmer look no further! Finding Adrienne was surely a blessing!

Eminence Inc., Christopher Sacchinelli

Adrienne is one of the most capable and responsible programmers I have ever worked with. Unlike most programmers, she is confident and friendly accomplishing what she promises. All of my projects were accomplished in record time.

Candy Direct, Steve Traino

Adrienne is an experienced, professional programmer, and it shows in her work. She determined my needs for the project, and delivered a timely, productive website. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a web developer.

Triple Nickel LLC, Phil Lewis

After much frustration with other developers, we finally found one that we could trust. Adrienne amazes me daily with her tech-savvy and intelligence. She can be counted on to work diligently and finish projects correctly, according to your exact instructions. You will find, however, that parts of your plans might change due to Adrienne’s insight. She has given us many valuable suggestions that change plans and designs for the better. She is extremely easy to work with and makes it a pleasure to plan and design web applications. I consider Adrienne a friend and an asset, and I will certainly continue giving her my business. I highly recommend Adrienne to anyone if they are looking for a qualified, trustworthy developer who never ceases to amaze.

Viral Ventures, Frank Astor

Thank you so much for all your diligence and attention to detail on our new website. I know that we could not have done this without you and we appreciate your expertise, as well as your professionalism.

The Faux Ladies – Lombardi & Oberdorf Designs LLC, Margaret Lombardi & Jeannie Oberdorf

Three things i can say about Adrienne, Very Talented, Professional, and a Visionary. This is my second time I had the pleasure of working with her. For a small company like mine Adrienne is like having my own dedicated development team. – Vestorware Inc, Tony Jones

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