Website Security

How to find security issues in a website.

I am contacted almost daily to address security issues on websites. Most of the time it is not someone being proactive to “lock down” their website, but they’ve been hacked and are in a panic because their users are notify them and are in turn losing business.

Below are issues that I see all the time. These things are pretty easy to address, and can save you a big headache down the road.  Get in touch with me if you need help doing a website audit and fixing your website security issues.

Website Security Certificates

Security Certificate

It is standard that all websites use https. Just having a certificate is not enough. Code has to be configured and forced to load on all web pages.

Website Backups


Do you have a recent website backup that is not stored on your web hosting company's server? (DON'T count on your web host to have a good back up for you!)

Website Errors


Do you have website errors showing on your site? Have you reviewed your error log recently to uncover potential security issues?

Website Password Security

Password Security

How strong is your website password and when was the last time you changed it? If you don't remember- do it now.

Not Secure Code

Outdated Code

Are you using open source software to run your website (like WordPress)? Regular code maintenance for bug fixes and code vulnerabilities is important.

Password Protect Web Directories

Protect Website Directories

Do you have a website administration area named admin or wp-admin? Hackers easily guess this and then brute force attempt to log in.

Website Code Bugs

Old Code on the Server

Do you have old directories and/or development directories of prior versions of your website on the server? Code that is not maintained is a great place for hackers to sneak in.

Secure Web Hosting

Secure Web Hosting

Are you using quality web hosting services that monitors security issues and keeps the server up to date?

Secure Your Website

If you any of these issues pertain to your website, then you are exposing your site to getting hacked. If you have a small business website, can you afford for it to be offline due to problems from your site being vulnerable?  It’s better to be proactive, than end up in “crisis mode”.

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