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Help with Review your data retention settings

Google Analytics Data Retention Settings I’ve had multiple clients contact due to the email sent by Google. “[Important Reminder] Review your data retention settings before they take effect on May 25, 2018” Google is asking you to review your settings for how long you want to retain data in your account that has been collected through Google Analytics. As noted

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Overhaul Website or Website Revamp – Which is Best for You?

It’s Time To Do Something – a Full Overhaul or just Website Revamp? If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to promote a positive image about your company. Keeping your customers informed about your current services and products along with new offerings helps your business grow. Keeping your website current requires an occasional website revamp

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Affordable Web Design Packages

Now Offering Affordable Web Design Packages I have not promoted web design packages in the past because most of the work I do is custom web development where every project has a unique set of requirements. Bundling all of the possible options into package is complicated. I have been speaking to more small business owners lately though that are looking for

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Website Development Questionnaire

Website Planning I often send potential clients to this page after they have emailed me with a one or two sentence description of their project.  Can I build it? Probably. I have built and worked on hundreds of different web sites with all kinds of programming functionality.  If I don’t know the specifics of the project though, it makes it

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Custom Website Design vs Themes and Templates

As in any industry, there is a lot of industry specific terminology used. If you do not work in the industry, grasping what is being discussed can be overwhelming.  This applies to the field of website development too. When potential clients contact me to build a new website, they need to understand how custom website design differs from starting with

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Website Problems After Moving To a New Server

Several people have contacted me recently for help because GoDaddy has been moving websites to a new server. There can be side effects to migrating a website.  GoDaddy does not seem to be addressing these issues, and are leaving it to their customer to deal with. Whether or not GoDaddy has clearly communicated what they are doing and the steps

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Not Secure Warnings on Your Website

Web Browser Not Secure Warnings Simply put, Not Secure warnings when a user/customer visits to your website is bad for business. It can be frustrating, the “rules” on Internet change so often it’s hard to keep up. Being a website owner, you have  responsibility to your users to make sure any data they enter is protected. For the past few

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Google’s New Google For Jobs Initiative

Google released a new “Google For Jobs” initiative recently that enables you to add structured data about your job listings to your web pages. By adding this web code, your job listing will then show up in the Google Search results pages when users are searching for jobs related to the positions you have available.  Your job listing shows prominently

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New Version of WordPress Released – Should I Upgrade?

New Version of WordPress Released on June 8, 2017 WordPress version 4.8 is considered a major functional release. It was for functional updates, not security updates.  A functional release includes changes to the WordPress core functionality. New stuff,  "bells and whistles"... The next day I had a client contact me in a panic that his site was outdated (as he
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Freelance Web Developer Productivity Tools

Web Developer Productivity Tools Updated May 7, 2018 Being a freelancer has a lot of great benefits. A downside though is being isolated from other developers and not getting to "chat around the water cooler". I'm sharing online productivity tools that I use to help my freelance business be successful. If you have anything to add, let me know.  
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