Advice for small business website owners that need advice about managing and maintaining a website.

Most blog posts I write result from experiences I have had on website projects that I have been hired to code or experiences I have had interacting with clients or potential clients while providing estimates to build or fix websites.

Bricks Builder Security Update

Are you using Bricks Builder for WordPress and Got Hacked?

Are you using Bricks and got Hacked? Are you are using Bricks theme and visual builder and your WordPress site got hacked this week? There was a critical security vulnerability identified that affected all sites using Bricks theme. This vulnerability allowed for unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE), meaning attackers could

One Time SEO Services

One-Time SEO Services – Will You See Results?

Can you SEO your site just once? Did you want to “SEO your site” and thought you could put some keywords on your page and voilà! you’re at the top of Google search results? Are you learning that it doesn’t work that way and now want to hire someone to

Google Images for website

Can I use images on Google for my website?

Whether you can use images on Google for your website depends on the copyright status of the images. Read on to find what you can an can not use, along with alternative sources for website images.

web developer role vs web host

A Web Host’s Role When It Comes To Your Website

What can happen when you ask your web host support to “fix” your website? Surprisingly often, I receive emails with requests that start with “I asked my host to help with my website”, followed by something like “and now my website is down and they won’t help”, or “it crashed

Domain Name Services Scam

Domain Name Services Letter – Is it a Scam?

The article warns about a potential scam involving letters that resemble invoices or bills from a company called Domain Name Services, or similar, based in Jersey City, NJ. These letters are designed to deceive domain owners into transferring their domain registration to this company at an inflated price, exploiting the confusing nature of domain registration. Read how to protect your domain name.

Google Business Profile Websites Shutting Down

Google Business Profile Websites Are Being Shut Down

Did you receive an email on January 8, 2024  with the subject “Important update on websites made with Google Business Profiles”? This email states that websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off soon. In March, the website will redirect to their Google Business Profile, but after June,

Website Migration

Website Migration – Transfer to New Hosting

The process to move your website to a new host is often referred to as a website migration.  Website migration service includes moving your website code, images, content and database – everything that combined that make a functional website. It can also include other things like: email, secure certificates, logs/reporting.

WordPress Critical Errors

WordPress there has been a critical error on this website

WordPress is great, until “there has been a critical error on this website”  : ( Do you have the error “”There has been a critical error on this website. “” on your WordPress site and don’t know what to do?   Critical Errors Critical errors within any kind of code

How to get a Google reviews link

How to Get a Google Review Link

Generate Your Google Review Link If you have a Google Business Profile, then you probably know that getting Google Reviews has a big impact on users clicking on your links over another company when they are searching for your services.  Sharing a link to review your business on Google isn’t

Moving WordPress to a new host

Migrating WordPress to a New Host

Migrating WordPress WordPress migration can be a tricky process requiring planning and preparation to get through without downtime. This article goes through the high level process to move a WordPress site to a new host company. After reading, you can decide if you want to do it yourself, or if

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services

Are Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services Worth It?

I’ve built and worked on hundreds of WordPress sites. For whatever reason clients hire me, I also present the option for a WordPress maintenance plan to maintain their site ongoing. I do this to to keep it running fast, code updated, and secured all the time. I include this option

Why is WordPress Loading Slow

Why is my WordPress site so slow?

Reasons Why WordPress is Slow There are lots of possible reasons why websites run slow.  WordPress specifically can have a bad reputation for running slow.  It is not though. It is how you use it that creates performance problems. Consider the following to increase performance on your webpages (front end)

Domain listings scam

Is Domain Listings a Scam?

Did you get an invoice from Domain Listings LLC in Las Vegas? Recently I have had a couple of clients contact me about a “bill” they received in the mail for $288 for a domain listing and wondered if it was a scam or should they pay it. “I got

Does a security certificate make your site secure?

Does a security certificate make your website secure?

Table of Contents When people contact me for a quote to do work on an existing website that I did not build, I always do a website security review. I then provide an optional add-on price for website security services. (Especially for sites built with WordPress) Close to 100% of

video indexing on your website

Fix Video Indexing Issues Found On Your Site

Google’s Video Indexing Report If you use Google Search Console (if you don’t you SHOULD), and videos on your website, you may have received an email recently with the subject “Video indexing issues found on your site” Google has recently rolled out a new tool to tell you what kind

website password security

Should I Share Logins With My Web Developer?

I know, best practices always preach “Don’t share your password with anyone”. If you need to hire a web developer though, the first thing they ask for are usernames and passwords to your website accounts. Should you give your username and passwords out when you hire a web developer to

Hacked website code

WordPress Hacked: AnonymousFox

Anonymousfox WordPress hack I am hired to clean and secure hacked WordPress sites on a regular basis. People hire me to identify if their site is infected, then clean them and properly secure them and maintain them ongoing. Recently I dealt with a particularly ugly infection identified as Anonymousfox. There

website maintenance copyright

Regular Website Maintenance – Copyright Date

The copyright date that displays at the bottom of every website should be added when the website is built and then never thought about again. It is easy to insert code to set the date to the current year so that it never needs to be updated.  Many websites do

hacked website

Hacked Website? Every Site is a Target

When pricing website development services on an existing website, I request to review the source code before providing a quote to audit the condition of the website. The majority of the time there are security issues I see that need to be addressed. When I bring up the odds of

Hosted vs non hosted websites

Hosted vs Non Hosted Websites

Hosted Websites vs Non-Hosted (or self-hosted) Sites It can be overwhelming when you begin to research building a new website. There is a lot to grasp in terms of technology and all of the language used. To make a website and have it live on the Internet, you need 3

not receiving email

Why am I not receiving email from my website forms?

3 Reasons Why You Are not Receiving Email from web forms People hire me to fix their website forms because they are not receiving email from them. More often than not the problem is related to a hosting configuration or the email provider is blocking it due to spam triggers.

joomla to wordpress

Why Convert From Joomla to WordPress

Joomla vs WordPress Are you thinking about converting your Joomla website to WordPress? While they are both CMS software platforms, comparing Joomla to WordPress is like comparing apples to oranges. I’ve worked on both platforms, but exclusively use WordPress in all website development jobs I am hired to build. In

how much web hosting disk space

How Much Disk Space Do I Need For My Website?

When trying to find the best web hosting service for your website, determining how much disk space you need is a factor to consider. Disk space may also be referred to as: storage, web space, local storage, cloud storage space.  In simpler terms, it is the amount of hard drive

update wordpress 5.6

Softaculous Notifications to Update WordPress

Update: 12/28/20 Several weeks have past and I have updated a couple of dozen different WordPress sites in a test environment. The only sites that are having any issues to update WordPress are websites with old outdated themes. Sites that have kept up with regular maintenance do not have any

Time to upgrade PHP Software (Do It Before Your Website Breaks)

Time to Upgrade PHP Code Bluehost wants to update the PHP version on your hosting account Did you get an email recently from Bluehost telling you it’s “Time to upgrade your PHP Software?” They have been in the process of upgrading their web servers (the computer your website files reside

Best practices for naming images for SEO

Image Naming – Best Practices for SEO

Image Naming Best Practices for SEO & You Search engines can not see what an image is. So properly describing the image is the best thing when you are optimizing your website. Often when clients send me images to use on their website, they send me a bunch of files

calculate how much a website costs

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Calculating What a Website Costs I get emailed on a daily basis with people contacting me to find out what a new website will cost. I get a 1 or 2 sentence description of what they want, and in return they want a solid number that I will commit to.

WordPress Security Issues

Get Help With WordPress

Hire a WordPress expert Trying to find an answer to your WordPress problem by wading the Google search results, or browsing WordPress forums can be time consuming and frustrating.  I may be able to solve your WordPress problem in minutes compared to the hours, days or you never figuring it


Elementor Pro Vulnerability

An Elementor Pro security vulnerability was recently discovered. On May 7, 2020 the makers of Elementor released version 2.9.4 to address the security issue. If you are using Elementor Pro page builder for WordPress, its highly recommended that you review your site to see if it’s possibly effected. What websites

convert to WordPress org

Convert Your Website to WordPress

Convert to WordPress You most likely found this page because you have already decided that you want to convert your website to WordPress. I’m not surprised. It’s the most popular content management system software used on the Internet. As of May 2020 over 63% of CMS websites are running on

working from home

Tips to Transition to Working from Home

Working From Home – the New Normal? With the pandemic, so many people have been thrown into working from home. I’ve been working from home, full time as a web developer for 20 years. I have some tips to help you adjust to lessen stress levels. These tips don’t have

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