Is Your Web Designer Holding Your Website Hostage? It Happens.

Most blog posts I write are a result of experiences I have had with website projects that I have been hired to code, or experiences I have had interacting with client, or potential clients while I am providing estimates to build or fix websites. When I find information would be useful to others, or find that I  am repeating the same information to others, it ends up here to share.

Hacked website code

WordPress Hacked: AnonymousFox

Anonymousfox WordPress hack I am hired to clean and secure hacked WordPress sites on a regular basis. People hire me to identify if their site is infected, then clean them and properly secure them and maintain them ongoing. Recently I

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hacked website

Hacked Website? Every Site is a Target

When pricing website development services on an existing website, I request to review the source code before providing a quote to audit the condition of the website. The majority of the time there are security issues I see that need

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Hosted vs non hosted websites

Hosted vs Non Hosted Websites

Hosted vs Non-Hosted (or self-hosted) When you begin to research building a new website, it can be overwhelming. There is a lot to grasp in terms of technology and all of the language used. In order to make a website

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joomla to wordpress

Why Convert From Joomla to WordPress

Joomla to WordPress Are you thinking about converting your Joomla website to WordPress? While they are both CMS software platforms, comparing Joomla to WordPress is like comparing apples to oranges. I’ve worked on both platforms, but exclusively use WordPress in

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calculate how much a website costs

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Calculating What a Website Costs I get emailed on a daily basis with people contacting me to find out what a new website will cost. I get a 1 or 2 sentence description of what they want, and in return

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WordPress Security Issues

Get Help With WordPress

Hire a WordPress expert Trying to find an answer to your WordPress problem by wading the Google search results, or browsing WordPress forums can be time consuming and frustrating.  I may be able to solve your WordPress problem in minutes

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Elementor Pro Vulnerability

An Elementor Pro security vulnerability was recently discovered. On May 7, 2020 the makers of Elementor released version 2.9.4 to address the security issue. If you are using Elementor Pro page builder for WordPress, its highly recommended that you review

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convert to WordPress org

Convert Your Website to WordPress

Convert to WordPress You most likely found this page because you have already decided that you want to convert your website to WordPress. I’m not surprised. It’s the most popular content management system software used on the Internet. As of

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wordpress security checklist

How to Make a WordPress Site Secure

Checklist to Make a WordPress Site Secure This WordPress security checklist is meant to target a non technical user. By this I mean a small business owner, or individual running a WordPress website, not a technical checklist for a WordPress

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update WordPress

WordPress Updates Failed? Hire Me.

WordPress Requires Maintenance WordPress requires more ongoing website maintenance than simple HTML websites or many custom web applications. Updates are needed all the time within different areas of the application.  WordPress updates can be broken down into different areas: Core

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web development process

Website Development Process

When you are hiring a freelance web developer to work with, understanding their website development process helps set expectations on both sides. I want every project to be a success by delivering what we agreed on in a realistic time

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secure wordpress

WordPress Security Issues

For every new WordPress website I am hired to build, I quote addressing WordPress security issues as part of the website development quote. When I start a new project, the first thing I do after installing WordPress is fully secure

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website maintenance services

What bother maintain your website?

Maintain your website now, so it’s not a problem later. Face it, no one likes doing maintenance. Whether it be your car, house, or your website. Like it or not, you need to maintain your website. If you ignore it

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Freelance PHP Programmer

PHP Statistics on the Internet

Updated: 1/21/2020 Some PHP statistics and brief history. In 1994 Rasmus Lerdorf wrote logic to track his online resume which he called PHP Tools. In 1995 he released the source code for these tools to the public to use and

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