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Save time by hiring an expert when it comes to WordPress bug fixing.

I’ve logged thousands of hours developing WordPress sites and fixing bugs.  Debugging code takes experience. I can troubleshoot and solve code problems in minutes that could take you “forever” to figure out.

  • webpage not available problems
  • fatal PHP errors
  • Database connection errors
  • SEO issues
  • Website not secure
  • WordPress infected with malware
  • website has been hacked
  • WordPress is slow
  • site is acting glitchy
  • form won’t send email

WordPress Repair Services

Part of a web programmer’s role is to debug and fix problems. Years of experience enable me to quickly identify common WordPress errors.


What kind of bugs I can fix

Often, I can troubleshoot WordPress and identify common  just by looking at a web page.  Keep in mind every website is unique though. Because of this, it is really important that you provide clear and specific details of the problem.

Some problems can be fixed in less than a half hour, where others can take many – sometimes days to fix. (Like getting hacked with AnonymousFox.)

Get Help Fixing WordPress Issues

Include a link to your web page that has the problem.
What you see may be different than what I see. If you can provide a screen grab, or explain how to duplicate the problem, it will help to identify the problem faster.
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Experience. I can fix just about any type of WordPress bug. I can do it in a fraction of the time it will take you.

It could be lots of reasons ranging from your hosting service to code conflicts or getting hacked.  I can’t tell you until I can review your site though. Fill out the form above to find out.

I charge a flat rate to troubleshoot and identify any WordPress problems. If I can fix it quickly that is all that I will charge. If it requires more work, I communicate this to you and get approval before continuing at an hourly rate.

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