Terms of Service

Agreement of Terms

No Refunds

By hiring me to perform any web development services, you understand and agree to the following:

I offer non-tangible irrevocable goods and services. Once a contract is signed, or terms agreed upon over email, or the product is sent or service has been rendered, refunds are not issued. If something is not right I will fix it, but I can not get back the time invested into your project.

I do not negotiate pricing. Once you agree to the terms we have defined, either over email or a formal contract, you have committed to the services I have provided at the rate agreed upon.


I commit to a price and timeline and expect you to do the same. You agree to work with me to provide the needed content and or feedback needed for me to be able to meet the timeline we discussed. You agree to pay invoices by the due date.

I will not commit to working on a project that I am not confident that I can complete. There are occasions where once I get into source code, I find that I am not the right fit to for the job. In these cases, I will contact you to discuss mutually terminating the project. If any pre-payment has been made and no work is delivered, I will return funds.

Payment for Services

If you have not hired me on retainer for monthly website maintenance services , you understand you be billed at an hourly rate for any consulting (over email, or phone) or requests for any changes to your website.

Payments & Billing

I will provide a flat project rate when a detailed project spec is provided to me up front to quote from.  Any additions during the project will be quoted and need written approval (email) to move forward.  Typically I quote flat rate for new websites that I code from scratch or new website development on a site that I originally built.

When I am hired to work on an existing website coded by someone else, or debugging  any type of errors or fixing hacked/infected sites,  I only bill at an hourly rate.  I may be able to provide a ballpark estimate of time, but not a flat rate quote. 


  • It is impossible to walk on to a project not being familiar with the code a prior programmer has written.  I don’t know your business and need time to get up to speed on what the business logic defines. (Essentially every new client I work with is like starting a new job. It takes time to get familiar.)
  • I may or may not be familiar with the web hosting company you are using. I may not be familiar with the web hosting control panel and web server configuration.
  • Often I address one issue, but new problems surface. If once I get into the code and find the problem goes beyond what was estimated, I will let you know before proceeding.
  • Often there is a snowball effect of  additional work; “Can I have your opinion on this?”, “While you are in there, can you do one more thing?”…

I accept payment by check, credit card, bank transfer, cash, Venmo  or PayPal balance. All invoices are sent electronically via email with a link to make secure online payments.

Checks can be mailed to:

Voila Web Solutions LLC
P.O. Box 6767
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

I make every effort to deliver quality work as quickly as I can.  In turn, I expect the following courtesies from you to:

  • Answer my questions and provide needed content & graphics in reasonable timeframe to keep the project moving forward.
  • Make it a priority to review the work I have completed when delivered to you for approval so we can complete the job.
  • Pay your invoice promptly. As a sole proprietor cashflow is an ongoing challenge.

If you are paying your invoice with a credit or debit card, the transaction fee of 2.9% + $.30 will be added to your invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, payment terms are net 15 days from date of invoice. If payments are not made by the due date, a late fee of 1.5% per month will be added to the outstanding invoice. (18% annually)

In case a collection agency needs to become involved due to your non payment, you, the client agrees that you will pay all fees incurred by the collection process on top of the invoice due.

Working Hours

I work Monday – Friday during normal business hours EST.  (8am – 5pm)

I do not work nights or weekends unless it is specifically agreed upon. Billing is  at 1.5 x the regular rate for emergency services after hours (past 5 pm EST) and on weekends.

Do NOT follow