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Web Development Services

Web programming services I offer focus on the technical side of web development.  I build functionality into websites and address technical issues like fixing website problems with errors or hacked code.  Most websites I work on are database driven websites (although I do work on static HTML websites too). I provide web development services for both websites custom coded from scratch and custom WordPress development.  SEO services I offer are “on page”. This refers to code and content related ways to optimize your website including proper keyword research to find the best keywords you can potentially rank for, and addressing performance issues to improve speed (Google loves this), making your website mobile friendly, and securing your website through implementing SSL.

Web Development Services

Website Development

Web Development Services
I build all kinds of websites ranging from simple static websites (just content and images) for new small business start ups, to complex custom applications that have hundreds of database tables and as many web pages.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small website project, or large scale application. I’m interested in discussing your website project.

Website Management

Website Management Services
I offer website management services on an as needed basis. This is perfect for individuals and companies that do not need a full time in house programmer.  I support both ongoing website maintenance updates or just when needed. I’m  always  “on call” to be available when you need website services.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Services
I offer fast and reliable quality web hosting packages, aiming to provide the best hosting services for my clients.  The last thing I want is for you to be looking for a website programmer, and my site is down or slow.  I know you do not want this for your website either.  I host all of my small business websites on the same servers that I host my clients sites.  I’ve done my homework and have found the best hosting service provider for me (and my clients).

PHP Programming

PHP Programming Services
I’ve been coding with PHP since 2000 on hundreds of websites in numerous industries.

Hire me for PHP programming if don’t require a team of programmers from a  PHP programming company.

Database Websites

Web Database Development
In conjunction with PHP programming custom database driven website development is where most of my experience lies.

Website Repair

“Fix My Website!”
Fixing website code problems is part of my daily job. I am contacted almost daily from people looking for website fixes.

SEO Services

SEO Web Development
All new code I write is SEO friendly. I also provide technical, on-page SEO services to improve search engine rankings on existing websites. What’t the point of having a website if people can’t find you??

Request Web Development Services

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I have been building websites for 20 years. 12 of these years I have been working remotely from home as a freelance programmer.


I have built a successful business because I am skilled and reliable. I follow through with what I say I will do.

Supporting Small Businesses

I prefer working on small business websites, supporting companies, individuals , graphic designers and marketing companies.