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Web Developer Portfolio

Freelance Web Developer Portfolio

My web developer portfolio below highlights just a few examples of websites I have worked on as a freelance programmer. Most of the web programming I do revolves around server side programming and database driven web development using PHP & MySQL.  This means I build functionality into websites. You can see the result of the work I have done in terms of what the website “does”, but how it looks (the web design) is handled by a web designer.

I don’t graphically design websites but work alongside web designers. So when your web designer says “web development not included”, you want to find a web programmer like me to take your graphci design and code it into a functional website.

Web Development Services

I have been providing website development services since the late 1990’s. My experiences span across hundreds of projects. These projects range from custom web applications to developing websites with open source applications (mainly with WordPress).  Hundreds of small jobs like website upgrades, redesigns,  debugging and problem solving on just about every level are not included as projects in my web portfolios.

You can see I have a wide range of website development experience in many different industries. If you don’t see an example that is similar to a website you want to build,  get in touch with me to discuss your project. I love to build new startup web applications from scratch.

Back End Web Development

Building a back end developer portfolio is a bit of a challenge. Back end web development refers to programming the logic and functionality of a website. You can not see it, just the results of it.

When reviewing examples in my web development portfolio, keep in mind I did not design how these websites look but coded how they behave.


Back End Programming Examples

Online Forms to Take Payments with Paypal

I coded online payment forms in WordPress for member registration and collecting donations online.  Gravity forms was used to allow the user to select multiple options and accumulate a total payment to be made.  Online payments were collected through Paypal.

Ecommerce Website Development

I created an ecommerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce. This website was a rebuild of an existing website due to the hosted solution that the site was currently running on was going out of business. All of the product and order data was migrated into the new system.  Physical products are sold on the website and online event signups were also built in.  I provide web hosting for this client and monthly WordPress maintenance services to keep code and plugins up to date and the website secure.

Custom database website development

I built a new database-driven website and provided all back end programming that allowed users to register and  purchase credits to download reports that were uploaded daily by through admin tools. PayPal IPN was used to purchase credits. The user can view their order history and reports downloaded.

Improved Website Database Performance

A website account was suspended due to using too much system resources through website database queries. I reviewed and optimized the website database and queries to increase performance which enabled my client’s website to be brought back online.

Created Custom Job Portal Website

I built a custom website that allowed users to register and maintain an online job application/resume to then be able to apply for multiple jobs. Code specifically addressed requirements for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Used PHP to convert html to pdf files to download

A web form was coded to collect information. This data was written as an HTML file and then converted to .pdf files using PHP and dompdf

Content Management System Website Examples

Content management system (CMS) websites allow the website content (text and images) to be separated from the website code. This makes it easier for site owners who are not web developers make changes to the website  through password protected web based tools.  Blogs are a good example of  CMS, along with online stores, search engine websites… I have built many custom content management system websites, along with using WordPress when appropriate. Depending on the project requirements, I will recommend the best CMS website solution for you.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

I spend a lot of time providing custom WordPress theme development services. Web designers will outsource WordPress theme development to me by providing a layered .psd design file to convert to a custom WordPress theme. Other times graphic designers will select a pre built WordPress theme to use as a starting template and then we build in theme customizations from there. When developing WordPress themes, I address technical factors like responsive design,  page speed, and search engine friendly code.

Custom Web Application Examples

The examples below show custom PHP development. These websites were built from the ground up. All PHP programming, MySQL database design and development was coded by me. Because of the unique functionality these projects required, I recommended a custom PHP web application rather than starting with a commercial script or open source application like WordPress.

Database Web Development

Most dynamic websites I am hired to build include database web development with MySQL. So I am hired as a freelance database developer in addition to website development to provide  database design and planning along with building the database and programming it to interact with the website code.

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce website development is not just building online stores.  eCommerce website examples I have created do include online stores but also projects like custom single page order forms, paid membership websites, event registration systems and monthly recurring billing applications.

More Web Programming Examples

If you have reviewed my web programming examples but still do not see work I have done that is similar to web development services you need, please get in touch with me to discuss your website project.

Many websites I have worked on are not included in my website portfolio because they are white label.  My services are often outsourced from to web designers, graphic artists and marketing companies.

Also, many jobs that I am hired for as a freelance web developer are for back end programming. With this type of work, there is not much to see. Showing source code is pretty dry and get excluded as part of my website portfolio.

Other Web Developer Responsibilities

My website portfolio includes websites I have built. As a freelance web developer, I do a lot more on a daily basis than just coding though.

I provide website help and support to many clients.
I provide web hosting services and support.
I provide all levels of WordPress support and maintenance.
I provide website consulting to new clients.

Contact me to get website pricing for your project.