My developer portfolio showcases web programming to built the back end of websites. This means the programming logic to make a website work. You can see the result in terms of how a website functions. How it looks -the actual graphic web design is handled by a graphic designer. I partner with web designers to build functional websites. You are learn more about me and my web development experience here.

Custom Website Development

Custom websites often start with an idea to create a new startup business online, or logic that is unique to your brick and mortar business that you want to integrate online into your website.  Custom websites are built from scratch to meet your exact project needs. There is less code bloat and security issues that come with customizing open source applications.  Custom websites are developed with a database to support the functionality needed.

WordPress Website Development

Most small business websites I build are custom WordPress websites.  I build functionality into WordPress beyond a simple blog or content manager.  Directories, eCommerce, restricted membership websites… Graphic and web designers outsource WordPress theme development  to me by providing a graphic website design (pds, xs, figma) files to convert them into a custom WordPress theme.

Back End Website Development

Building a back end programming portfolio is a bit of a challenge. Back end web development refers to programming the logic and functionality of a website. With this type of work, there is not much to see. You can see the work visually, just the results of it.

When reviewing examples in my web development portfolio, keep in mind I did not design how these websites look but coded how they behave.

I have been providing website development services since the late 1990’s. My experiences span across hundreds of projects. These projects range from custom web applications to developing websites with open source applications (mainly with WordPress).  Hundreds of small jobs like website upgrades, redesigns,  debugging and problem solving on just about every level are not included as projects in my web portfolios.

You can see I have a wide range of website development experience in many different industries. If you don’t see an example that is similar to a website you want to build,  get in touch with me to discuss your project.

Many websites I have worked on are not included in my website portfolio because they are white label. My services are often outsourced to me from web designers, graphic artists and marketing companies.