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Get professional WordPress support to repair anything related to WordPress. Decades of WordPress experience means issues are identified and fixed fast, saving you money.

Get WordPress Fixed Quickly

If your website is hacked, offline or showing errors, it’s bad for your business and costing you sales and or customers.
Getting your site repaired quickly is as important and properly fixing it.   
Freelance Web Programmer is expert when it comes to WordPress repairs. This means troubleshooting and identifying what needs to be repaired can be done quickly to save you money.

Get professional WordPress support to be up and running again fast.

Wordpress Bug Fixing Services

Experience matters

I have been building and repairing WordPress sites since 2005. That accumulates to thousands of hours of experience.  My role as a web programmer focuses on how things function, more than how they look. Here are some examples of the type of repairs I make.

Outsource Web Development


Get your site properly configured & secured. Change theme, customization and plugin installations too.

Web Database Development


If WordPress can't establish a database connection, you get a white screen. Hire me to repair WordPress database issues.

Web Programming Php Mysql

Code Problems

An expert problem solver, hire me to fix website problems ranging from database repair to 500 errors or secure connection problems.

Fix Hacked Website


The best WordPress malware removal service includes cleaning the infection AND securing it so it doesn't happen again.

Wordpress Setup

You break it, I fix it.

WordPress is great. You can have it installed in 5 minutes with a couple of clicks. Building web pages is quick to learn too. What about when it breaks (and it does)?

For as great as it is, there is a lot that can go wrong with maintaining a WordPress site. It takes a lot of time to gain experience to be proficient with WordPress troubleshooting. 

Critical Errors

Are you seeing the cryptic error: “there has been a critical error on this website.”?  This message is particularly frustrating because it doesn’t tell you anything about what the cause is.  Sometimes the site still functions even though the message says it’s a critical error.

I know how to troubleshoot and identify the cause of critical error messages.

Are you looking for a quick fix to repair WordPress bugs? I can fix many problems quickly, but not all issues have a simple solution. Hacked websites can take hours to clean up. This is also true for websites that have not been maintained regularly. While I can not guarantee anything can be fixed in 15 min, I am confident I can fix bugs faster than any non-developer.

Examples of WordPress Repair Services

  • WordPress updates failed
  • Repair database issues
  • 500 internal server errors
  • “Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”
  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size
  • White screen
  • Error establishing a database connection
  • PHP Parse and Fatal errors
  • Permission problems
  • The page isn’t redirecting properly
  • Secure connection errors
  • Connection not private errors
  • Error when uploading images
  • Website not loading properly
  • Layout or design is broken
  • Site broke after updating plugins
  • Theme updates broke the site
  • Moving to a new host broken my site
  • WordPress security issues
  • WordPress is not sending email
  • WordPress is hacked or infected with malware
  • WordPress is blocked in Google
  • Site is redirecting to spam
  • WordPress is slow

Note: I work with WordPress.org open source code, NOT WordPress.com hosted solution.

The best way to prevent your website from breaking is to maintain it regularly. Hiring a WordPress maintenance expert means keeping your website secure, up-to-date, and running fast, which is completely hands-off for you. WordPress maintenance packages include monitoring your site for security, performance, and updates. If there are website issues, typically, they are found and fixed before you (or your customers) are aware of them.

If you hire me to repair your WordPress site, I do a site audit and provide website consulting for recommendations of other areas to address.  This is included with a monthly maintenance plan too.

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